Top 5 Tuesday: Series I Want to Start

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly book discussion with a new topic every Tuesday hosted by Meeghan of Meeghan Reads. It’s each blogger’s job to pick five book-related things (though you’re welcome to pick things from other media, if necessary) that fit the topic.

This week’s topic is series you want to start. I did this topic last year as well, but my answers have changed as I’ve discovered more series. I tried to pick series that have more than one book already out, even if the series is not complete yet. 

The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin

You had to know I was going to include some N.K. Jemisin on this list. She has two more completed series I need to work through, but this is the first one I want to try because I love stories where gods are characters. I recently read Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and fell head over heels for it. Jemisin’s series features a similar god, but a very different story and world. I’m hoping to start this series in the next couple months.

The Kaleidoscope Album by Bryce Oakley

This is a romance series about a rock band. And every story is a F/F romance. I squealed so loud when I discovered it on Goodreads. It’s a series that combines two of my favorite things! If only I could find my own rocker girlfriend… *sigh*.

The Machineries of Empire by Yoon Ha Lee

This is a sci-fi about a disgraced captain who is forced to team up with an undead tactician who is losing his mind. WHAT?!?!?!? That sounds incredible!!! In fact, I’ve heard nothing but great things from everyone who’s read this series. It’s also super queer and (I believe) features a trans character! I’d honestly forgot how badly I wanted to read this series until I started looking at my Goodreads shelves for this post and now I’m desperate for it all over again.

Teixcalaan by Arkady Martine

This is another sci-fi series I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about, and guess what? It’s also queer! If I recall correctly, it either features a F/F relationship or a sapphic protagonist. The summary promises lots of political intrigue, which I’m always game for. The second book either just came out or is about to come out so now is the best time to start this series!

The Founders Trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett

I’ve owned the first book, Foundryside, for over a year now and have been meaning to read it. I love a good heist story, especially with a fantasy background. I actually did start Foundryside once, but set it aside because I was in a book slump. Next time I start it, I hope to discover a new favorite series!

What are some series you want to start? Tell me about them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Series I Want to Start

  1. Highly recommend the Teixcalaan series, it’s good on such a wide variety of levels. The sequel isn’t out yet but I’m VERY excited for it.

    I hope you enjoy all these books. Ninefox Gambit has been on my reading list for ages too. It sounds absolutely wild and I like that 😂


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