5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Halloween Costume

September is almost over and you know what that means? Spooky season! Yes, Halloween is right around the corner. Doorsteps will be guarded by jack-o-lanterns, while witches lurk around every corner. But the one question that is on everyone’s mind perhaps more than anything is, “What costume should I wear?” This age-old dilemma never gets [...]

5 Tips for Dealing with an Anxiety Attack

I don’t speak about this much on my blog, but I’ve had anxiety for pretty much my entire life. I’ve always been prone to panic attacks, social phobia, and irrational thinking. However, I’ve also made great strides in my lifetime. I overcame my childhood diagnosis of selective mutism, conquered my paralyzing fear of driving, and [...]

5 Tips on Meeting Your Reading Goals Without All the Pressure

With the rise of Goodreads, more and more readers feel pressure to read a certain number of books during the year. This can lead to a decrease in enjoyment and cause a lack in interest in reading. So how can you avoid reading slumps and keep enjoying reading, while still meeting that year-end goal? Having [...]