Mean Girls Tag

Well, I survived the big, scary blizzard. Today I am extremely sore after spending three hours shoveling my driveway yesterday. But anyway, today I’m going to do my first book tag in a while. As you can tell by the title, this tag is based on the movie Mean Girls. It takes quotes from the [...]

End of the Year DNF List

Despite my grueling reading year, I have a wonderful announcement to make: I completed my reading challenge! That’s right, I read 100 books this year (several of which were graphic novels and poetry collections)! To celebrate, I am doing nothing. However, I do still have a few books I need to talk about before the [...]

First Date Book Tag

Three posts in one day? Unbelievable! Well, Strangers, that is due solely to it being Sunday and the office is literally dead. Anyway, I thought I’d try another book tag, this one I found on a video LilyCReads did and thought I’d give it a go. So, no more pussyfooting around. Let’s get on with [...]