Nevermind Book Tag

First tag of the year! I saw this tag on Myonna Reads’ channel and knew I had to try it. It’s basically about all the times you changed your mind about books. This tag has some interesting questions I haven’t answered before, so I’m really excited to share my answers. A book you rated high [...]

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Children’s Books

Hosted by the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group It’s Wednesday, Strangers! You know what that means!!! Top 5 Wednesday!!!! Okay, I’m not that excited, but whatever. This week’s topic is your top five children’s books. These can be books from your childhood or middle grade books you’ve read more recently. The only stipulation is that [...]

The Words that Built the Story: A Study of Cassandra Clare’s Writing Style

When you think YA urban fantasy, you think Cassandra Clare. Since 2007, Clare has been one of the frontrunners of this subgenre. Her Shadowhunter Chronicles saga is one of the most popular YA series of all time, garnering a humongous fanbase. The Mortal Instruments has been adapted into a movie and a television show. However, Clare’s [...]