Calling Out Callout Culture

The way we consume and relate to media has changed a lot with the rise of the internet. Websites with public forums like Twitter and Tumblr have allowed fans and critics to connect and publically show support or disdain for a piece of work. In most ways, this has been fantastic. It’s a more effective [...]

Analyzing Your Analyses

While I majored in creative writing, I took a lot of literature classes. This isn’t just because the courses are similar and I love to read— it’s because I love to analyze things. From books to movies to television, I love dissecting characters and their stories. I love picking apart symbolism. I love digging into [...]

Gay Doesn’t Mean Good

With the (albeit slow) rise of queer representation in media, the community has had more characters to relate to than ever. This positive forward progress is a good promise for the future, even if there’s still a lot of failure. However, not all media including or about queer people is good representation. This distinction and [...]

Why Don’t Baby Boomers Mind Their Own Goddamn Business?

Every day it seems like there’s another article complaining about Millennials. “Why aren’t Millennials buying diamonds?” they ask. “Why aren’t they buying houses?” “How come they don’t carry cash on them?” And so on, and so forth. Well, I can answer those questions easily: 1. We’re broke. And 2. Because we learned from your mistakes. [...]

The Problem with Stan Culture

With the rise of social media, stan culture has grown exponentially. Sure, there have always been fanatics, but social media gives us something we never had before: a connection to celebrities. Or, more accurately, the illusion of one. We communicate directly with celebrities via Twitter, Tumblr, and more and have easier access to interviews, behind-the-scenes [...]