Wishing and Waiting Wednesday: May 10, 2017

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Hola, Strangers! I thought this was an interesting new meme that also makes you feel strangely guilty. Basically, you talk about one book you’ve been meaning to buy for a while and one that’s been left unread on your shelf for an absurdly long amount of time. Hooray for procrastination! Anyway, onwards!



I have been meaning, since the beginning of the year, to buy A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard. It’s a book about a girl with selective mutism, an extreme form of anxiety that renders the person mute in stressful situations or around people outside their comfort zone. I myself had selective mutism when I was about six or seven and have dealt with basically every other incarnation of anxiety since, so I was intrigued. In the book, Steffi (our aforementioned character) meets a deaf boy named Rhys and they form a bond. According to reviews I’ve read by sufferers of selective mutism and the author herself, this is not a story where the girl falls in love with a boy and suddenly all her problems go away. It really sounds like Barnard did her research. I did once look for this book in Barnes & Noble and it wasn’t there, but I really do need to pick this one up.



So… back in 2014, I picked up The Hobbit for the first time. While I was reading it, I decided to also get the Lord of the Rings books. And then at some point I put down The Hobbit to get back to later… and now it’s 2017 and I never went back to it nor have I picked up any Lord of the Rings book. And I feel like a fraud because The Lord of the Rings is one of the cornerstones of nerd culture. And I have not partaken. Shame on me, I know.


There, now you know my secret shame. Are there any books you’ve been meaning to buy, but haven’t yet? Or a book on your shelf you’ve yet to pick up? Let me know in the comments!


Adios, muchachos!

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