Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I Want to Write Like


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Hey, gang! Sorry I haven’t been as active lately. I just haven’t felt like blogging. Maybe that’s blunt, but I figure there’s no reason to not be honest. Today, however, I felt like I could bang out a quick post and it’s Top 5 Wednesday, so it all works out. This week’s topic is the top five authors you wish you could write like. This could be their style, their quantity, or just something simple like genre. As someone who dreams of one day becoming a successful writer (and finally has some ideas brewing for a debut), this is something I’ve considered. Writers take a lot of influence from who we read and our writing styles become a combination of all our favorites with our personal twist. It’s a perfectly natural way to develop your voice, and, if you’ve ever read my work, it would become increasingly apparent who my influences have been over the years. They’re skilled, they’re hard-working, and they’re just on this side of crazy; these are the top five writers I want to write like:


  1. V.E. Schwab: Victoria is easily my favorite writer at this point in my life. But it’s not so much her style I want to emulate as it is her creativity and affinity for morally gray characters. I love antiheroes and ambiguously good/bad characters and Victoria’s books have them in spades. She also comes up with some incredibly unique ideas, from parallel Londons to monsters born of violent acts. I want to think like her and create dark worlds that you can’t help but love. As far as world-building and conflict goes, Victoria is my go-to inspiration.
  2. Cassandra Clare: Oh, to be able to write story after story like she does. I especially love how she expands and deconstructs her worlds. I don’t think I’ll ever produce at that capacity, but damn if I don’t wish I could.
  3. JK Rowling: Problematic as she is, she was someone I idolized for years. I still have a latent desire to have the kind of success she’s gotten. I know that’s not possible, but that’s not really what I want from her now. What I admire about her writing is the amount of planning she puts into things. I love how she developed her world beyond what she put on the page (excluding representation she’s belatedly tried to claim). I’ve long shared her tendency to keep immaculate records and notes on my characters. I don’t know if I learned it from her, but she definitely proves why it’s a good idea.
  4. Laini Taylor: Her writing style is so lyrical and flowery. I love this type of writing. I know I could never weave a metaphor quite like she does, but I’d love to incorporate more of this into my writing style.
  5. Richelle Mead: There is one thing I want from Richelle’s style and one thing only: her excellent one-liners. Her characters have some of the best one-liners, I swear to god. Hell, I wish I was that witty in just my regular life. Goddamn.


What are some writers you wish you could write like? If you don’t want to be a writer, give me some recommendations on writers you think I’d like based on my choices. I’m always looking to branch out.

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