My Most Anticipated End-of-the-Year Movies

One of my biggest regrets of the year is that I haven’t gotten to go to the movies as much as I would’ve liked. Granted, there weren’t many movies I wanted to see, but I usually get to the theater at least a couple more times than I did. This year I went to see Split, Beauty & the Beast, and Baby Driver. So… a bunch of average movies. But, despite only having one month left, the rest of the year has some promise. Today I’d like to talk about my most anticipated movies for the remainder of 2017. You’ll pretty much get some immediate insight into what kind of movies I like, so let’s not dawdle any longer. Here are the movies I am super eager to see during the final month of 2017:

1. My Friend Dahmer (Release Date: November 3): Technically, this movie has already come and gone. However, it only had a limited release and played in select theaters. None of those theaters were near where I live, so its release date for me is when it comes out on DVD. Since that won’t be until next year, I figure calling it a “December” release is a happy medium. This movie follows infamous serial killer and cannibal Jeffery Dahmer’s difficult teen years and his descent into the murderous madman we know today. It’s a dark story, and perfect for fans of Criminal Minds. It’s gotten some pretty good reviews, so I have pretty high hopes for it.
2. I, Tonya (December 8): Starring the lovely and talented Margot Robbie, this biopic follows Olympic skater Tonya Harding’s fall into disgrace after incapacitating her rival. I normally don’t do dramas or biopics, but this one looks really good. Perhaps part of it is nostalgic; though I missed Tonya’s career by a little less than ten years, I did grow up watching ice skating. Either way, the movie looks sick and I am here for it.
3. The Last Jedi (Release Date: December 15): Honestly, this entry should come as no surprise. I’m always a slut for Star Wars. This movies picks up where 2015’s The Force Awakens left off, and finds Rey training to be a Jedi. Meanwhile, Finn and Poe are leading resistance missions and Kylo Ren is being a brat. Leia is being a bad bitch. It’s going to be sad seeing Carrie Fisher on screen, but also a really great goodbye. I have no qualms about admitting this is the movie I’m most excited for. I could explode from the anticipation.
4. The Greatest Showman (Release Date: December 20): This movie is a flashy musical about P.T. Barnum and the inception and beginning of his world-renowned circus. I’m not a big circus fan, but I do love musicals. It looks grandiose and theatrical, the bread-and-butter of a former drama kid (yes, I took drama for a year in high school). It’s also got some great stars, including Broadway veteran Hugh Jackman, High School Musical alum Zac Effron, and sometimes-pop star Zendaya. It looks like the kind of movie I’d watch in wide-eyed awe and I’m into that.
5. Pitch Perfect 3 (Release Date: December 22): While Pitch Perfect 2 was disappointing, I still have high hopes for the series conclusion. It looks funny and heartfelt. The Bellas, discouraged by the lack of jobs in their field (relatable), reunite one last time for a USO tour overseas. There’s plenty of chance for hijinks and hilarity. Plus, the Trebles aren’t in this one, so it could finally be time for Bechloe to rise (the trailer certainly implies that, though it could be queerbaiting). Either way, this movie looks like it could be the redeeming film in the franchise and I am hype for it.

What movies are you looking forward to seeing this month? Tell me about them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated End-of-the-Year Movies

  1. I am so looking forward to “The Last Jedi”. I do not know what it is called or if it has out yet, but the movie about how Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol.

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    1. Oh, that sounds cool. I’m not at all a Dickens fan (in fact, I really don’t like his writing), but I love movies about writers writing. I might have to check that movie out.


          1. A Christmas Carol was the first classic I ever loved. I love Les Misérables the most of the classics, which mostly had to do with my obsessive and passionate love of the musical. I enjoyed reading Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, and Don Quixote.

            With Les Misérables, Don Quixote, and Oliver Twist, I could pinpoint why I loved reading those and why they are amazing stories. But Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities might need a reread to understand why I enjoyed them

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            1. I’m partial to Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe, myself. I also really love Wuthering Heights. A lot of people think it’s a romance, but it’s really a study in classism and unreliable narrators. Also, like all the characters are unapologetic assholes. I love it. I want to read more stuff by the Bronte sisters (I’ve had Jane Eyre on my shelf for a while), but I’ve got to be in the right mood.


              1. Have three more classics lined up to read: Hunchback of Notre Dame, Nicholas Nickleby and David Copperfield. But after that, might be stumped on what classics to read next


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