Music of the Month: June 2018

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late. I just rarely have time to blog anymore. But today I do and so I’m finally going to tell you guys about the music I’ve been enjoying this month. Since you’ve already had to wait almost a month and a half for this list, let’s skip the preamble and get right into the music:

  1. “Sober” by Demi Lovato: When Demi said this was her most heartbreaking song to date, she wasn’t kidding. This ballad is raw, vulnerable, and heart-wrenching. Accompanied only by a piano, Demi exposes herself and admits to a recent relapse. She apologizes to everyone, including herself. It’s so powerful, shooting you right through the heart. I feel such empathy for her, knowing how much it must suck to be sober for six years only to relapse. But, if she did it before, I know she can do it again. This song is so moving that I’m sure D7 is going to bowl me right over.
  2. “You FO” by Stela Cole: With vocals straight out of the fifties, you’d think Stela Cole’s music style would be too. Instead, her music is funky, inventive pop. Even her cringiest lines (“I’m sugar-sweet Nutella,” really?) are catchy and fun! I’m definitely eager for more music from her.
  3. “Closer” by Tegan and Sara: Yes, this song is five years old. But I only discovered it recently. Anyway, this is a really catchy pop track. I don’t really have much else to say. You’ve probably already heard it. As I said, I’m late.
  4. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” cover by Fall Out Boy: I mean, they Did That. What else can I say? They brought rock & roll to one of the most iconic pop songs of all time. Kings of revamping classic pop anthems.
  5. “Over My Skin” by Tiffany Young: This song is as close as I’ll ever get to liking something K-Pop related (apparently Tiffany is a former girl group member). But this song is a bop. It draws obvious influence from Prince, both in the way Tiffany’s voice glides over the track and in the composition. It also draws some parallels to Little Mix’s style. Either way, this is a sexy, fun pop track that I just can’t get enough of.
  6. “Jealous Sea” by Meg Myers: This dark alternative track was one that surprised me. I’d never heard of Meg Myers before, and now I’m eagerly anticipating her new album. The low notes and haunting atmosphere make for a really creepy and interesting listen. The pre-chorus is almost like a threat of something coming, the thundering bass an echo of foreboding footsteps. Meg’s vocals are deep and desperate, perfect for this type of song. In keeping with the title, the outro to the song calls to mind a beach besieged by storms. Meg also takes a risk here that pays off. A chorus of haunting voices calls out, much like the seagulls in Finding Nemo petulantly shouting, “mine!” Except these gulls are much more sinister, instead demanding, “more!” Meg’s discordant shout closes out the song on an uncomfortable note, one that works really well for the vibe.
  7. “Can’t Deny My Love” by Brandon Flowers: The lead singer of The Killers (aka my favorite band) plus the ‘80s (aka my favorite era of music)? A match made in heaven. I definitely picked a good track to introduce me to Brandon’s solo work. Honestly, it’s basically just like The Killers’ music, but with a subtle twist. You can’t beat that!
  8. Small Victories by Flint Eastwood: After seeing her at Firefly, I knew I finally had to download the only EP of hers I didn’t have. And it did not disappoint, just as I knew it wouldn’t. It’s alternative pop meets spaghetti western, a genre I never thought I’d love as much as I do. Of course, it’s all thanks to Jax (Flint Eastwood’s real name). My favorites (that don’t appear on future EPs) are “God Only Knows” and “Oblivious.” Such a great performer!
  9. Make My Bed by King Princess: Gay alternative pop is my jam. Thus, King Princess is the newest addition to my ever-growing list of favorite artists. My favorite tracks are “Talia,” “Holy,” and “1950.” I don’t want to get too into this EP since I just posted a review, but just know that I love it and it’s made me hungry for more King Princess.
  10. Liberation by Christina Aguilera: This album, right here, is the comeback of the year. Once again, I don’t want to get to into it, since I just posted my review. But I’ll say this: this album is an honest exposé on a woman trying to find herself again. It’s such a smooth listen. Some of my favorite songs on the album are “Fall in Line” (duh), “Twice,” “Pipe,” “Deserve,” and “Unless It’s With You.” I’m trying to get tickets to see her in September and really hope I get them. Who knows when I’ll get the chance again?


What music were you into in June? Let me know in the comments!

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