More Stuff I’ve Been Thinking About Lately

Sometimes I have opinions on things, but I don’t have enough to say to make those opinions a full post. You may think this means I should just… not post about those opinions. But I think that, once I have enough opinions gathered, I might as well discuss them. After all, what else is my blog for, if not to share my opinions on things? All this is to say, I’m ready to share a few more scattered opinions with you today. So I’m going to. Right now:


  1. So, Bert and Ernie…


As a kid, I always thought Bert and Ernie were brothers. That was my frame of reference for two guys living together, so I just assumed. I kept that assumption with me all my life. However, now that the guy who wrote them says he based them off he and his partner, I’m Team Gay. Bert and Ernie aren’t even a little bit related, except maybe by marriage. Because they’re married.

But the real reason I want to talk about this is because of the views subsequently shared by Frank Oz and the people at Sesame Street. They quickly replied that Muppets can’t be gay because they’re Muppets and don’t have any sexuality. Which is… blatantly not true. Ultimately, my take is the same as the incomparable Jenny Nicholson’s: if their sexual orientation doesn’t matter, why is it so important they not be gay?


  1. What is up with fanboys and their desperate need for Captain Marvel to smile for no reason (and other Captain Marvel-related opinions)?


The Captain Marvel trailer just dropped and already fanboys are upset because Carol Danvers doesn’t smile. Even though no moment in the trailer warrants a smile. It just feels creepy, like when a strange man tells you to smile. No, I’m not going to smile for you. The fact that you asked makes me think you want to see and not for wholesome reasons. Anyway, apparently Carol starts the movie brainwashed anyway, so of course she’s not going to be smiling.

And then there’s the “feminists” who are upset that Samuel L. Jackson says more words in the trailer than Brie Larson does. Even though literally all of his words are about her. Even though he’s a black man with a big chunk of trailer time. Some things are not issues and we don’t need to make them such.

And then there’s the people already comparing Brie Larson with Gal Gadot or Scarlett Johansson. Just because they’re all women in superhero films. Even though they don’t compare men, unless they’re playing the same character (which is legitimate). But also… Larson is an Oscar winner. She can act, I promise.

As for the trailer itself, it made me curious about Captain Marvel. I already read my first Captain Marvel comic and will be reading more. I think I definitely want to see this movie. I’m just sick of the bullshit.


  1. Bojack Horseman. That’s it. We’re going to talk about Bojack Horseman.


This show is fantastic. I truly can’t express how fantastic it is. Anyway, I just wanted you all to know that I love Bojack Horseman and that you should watch it.


  1. Weight loss is not fatphobic.


I’m overweight. I have been for a while. In fact, I’ve struggled with my weight for pretty much my entire life. You know the only times I’ve ever felt positive about my body? When I’m actually taking care of it. When I cut the excessive snacking and start exercising. I’ve been on my current self-made plan for about three and a half weeks and I’ve never felt more proud about what my body can do. I’ve never felt more in tune with my hunger. Essentially, I really pay attention to my body and not my brain, eating only when I’m genuinely hungry and not just in a snacky mood. But certain members of the body positivity crowd will say I’m just bending to beauty standards and fatphobic.

But here’s the thing: it’s my fat. I can do what I want with it. I choose to lose it. Additionally, I understand and accept that there are health risks to being overweight (just as there are to being underweight). Yes, I agree we shouldn’t butt into strangers’ business about their weight. Especially since those strangers are almost always overweight or obese people. If you’re fat, I don’t care. But I care that I am.

I care that I’ve had a very unhealthy relationship with food for years. I hate that I feel uncomfortable and exposed when someone comments on my food (even just to say “What are you eating?” or “That looks good”). And I hate my body when I’m not trying to take care of it. So, I’m trying to get it to a healthy place that I feel good about. And that’s not a bad thing.

It’s not even a bad thing that I want to look thinner. Why? Because I’ll feel better about my body, especially knowing all the hard work I put in to get there. So please, don’t tell people not to post about their weight loss journeys. Let people be proud of their progress. If it’s something that’s genuinely triggering for you (like if you have an eating disorder), then you need to take steps to protect yourself. You can do this by muting words or accounts or even blocking or unfollowing people. After all, your health comes first. But so does mine.


  1. Sea Girls is a cool band.


They’re like WALK THE MOON meets mid-2000s punk rock. And I just think they’re neat. A quality band indeed.


Do you agree with any of my opinions and takes? What are some things you’ve been thinking about lately? Tell me about them in the comments and let’s get a conversation going!

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