Xcellent, Xceptional, Xtina: A Review of My Liberation Tour Show

Imagine you’re eight years old and your mom pops a CD into the car CD player. The voice that comes out of the speakers is the biggest, most beautiful voice you’ve ever heard. You decide you like this voice and these songs, so you borrow that CD for yourself. You create dances to the songs and pretend you’re a pop star too.

Imagine you’re eleven years old and, for the first time, you’re truly moved and inspired by a song. You feel seen and heard in a way you haven’t before. You learn that a woman can be confident and sexy, and that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. You dream of one day being like that too.

Imagine you’re fourteen and you start to realize just how beautiful this artist is. You don’t think too much beyond that, but you do find yourself looking at the pictures in her album booklets a lot. You ask for her new album. Now, you’re the one introducing her music to people. You write an extra credit paper on what a great role model she is.

Years go by and, though you still love her music, you find new bands and artists you like a little more. But that doesn’t stop you from enjoying all her new music projects. But you realize she doesn’t release music as often as your other favorites, so you let your love wane a bit. Eventually, she collaborates with your new favorite artist and you start to remember why she once meant so much to you.

Now, imagine you’re twenty-five and you finally get to see her live. And you fall in love with her all over again.

On September 30th, I went to DC and finally saw the third and final member of my personal Holy Trinity… the incomparable Christina Aguilera (the other members are Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson). To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Everything about the concert— from the vocals to the set design to the dances— was phenomenal. If you’re even a little bit into Christina Aguilera, then you need to see this show.

Christina looks and sounds better than ever. She appears happy, healthy, and fresh. And her costumes? Breathtaking. My personal favorite was the white dress she wore during “Deserve” and “Accelerate.” Her vocals have the same classic diva sound they always have, but also sound well-rested. This isn’t surprising, seeing as it’s been five years since she last toured. This Xtina was well-worth waiting for.

When she wasn’t performing like the absolutely legend she is, Christina was genuine and charming. She seems truly grateful to and for her fans. On that same front, she played songs from every era of her career. She even played “Keep On Singin’ My Song” because fans were requesting it. This shows she truly cares about the relationship we share. With all this in mind, is it any wonder I fell back in love with her?

As far as I’m concerned, Christina could take a twenty-year break before releasing new music and I’d still keep coming back. I’ll still love her as much as I did as a little girl, as a preteen, as a teenager, as a twentysomething. No matter where I am in life, a part of me will always cherish Christina Maria Aguilera.

And now, check out some pictures I took at the show (the rest you can find on my Instagram) or read my review of the Liberation album!

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