The Most Underrated Demi Lovato Songs

The Most Underrated

The Most Underrated is a meme in which I discuss the most underrated songs by an artist or band. Occasionally I may branch out, but this is the main theme. Today’s artist spotlight is on Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato is my ride-or-die musician. Absolutely no one reading this post is surprised. I’ve been obsessed with her since I heard her sing on As the Bell Rings way back in 2007. I’ve been a devoted Demi stan ever since.

When it comes to today’s pop stars, Lovato is pretty underrated. And I’m just going to go ahead and blame that entirely on her horrible former manager. But now she has new representation and is ready to dominate! …Or she will be when she decides to make her comeback.

In the meantime, I’d like to discuss the six songs I think are her most underrated. Some of these were chosen via Twitter poll and some are strictly my opinion. But all are severely underappreciated.

The world may have had Lovato (and these songs) underrated, but today that’s going to change.

1. Behind Enemy Lines


This jazzy little number deserved so much better than it got. Relegated to the Don’t Forget deluxe edition and performed only twice (to my knowledge), this song is the definition of a lost gem.

As I said, this song has a super jazzy vibe. In subject matter, it’s the precursor to “Catch Me.” Lovato tries not to fall for this person, but ultimately can’t help herself. Despite sounding sweet, the war zone metaphor betrays her deep-seated fears. But personally, this is enemy turf I don’t mind being on.

2. Falling Over Me


Unequivocally, this is the softest song on Here We Go Again. Hell, it’s one of the softest songs in Lovato’s entire discography. It’s light and floaty, the instrumentation spring converted into sound.

The lyrical content is absolutely adorable. Lovato and her partner are newly in love and desperately hope to stay that way. Lovato sounds heavenly, never really belting. Instead, she focuses on her vibrato. And, naturally, I’ve fallen for it.

3. Mistake


Unbroken has a couple contenders, but no song on this record gets paid more dust than “Mistake.” It’s such a mature break up song, though I’ve always interpreted it as being about Lovato’s personal issues. It’s about cutting off toxicity and refusing to let it back in.

Also, K-pop fans may be happy to hear, this is technically a cover of a K-pop song. But unlike most mainstream K-pop hits, this song is a thumping mid-tempo power ballad. Make no mistake, this song is great.

4. Without the Love


From Lovato’s poppiest record, 2013’s DEMI, this song is one no one ever really talks about. With a dreamy intro and bittersweet chorus, this song is able to convey a heartbroken message with an upbeat sound.

Lovato sees through her partner’s phoniness, asking them to stop “singing [her] love songs” when they don’t actually love her. She can see this once healthy relationship falling apart and is through with pretending otherwise. It’s a beautiful track, one I absolutely love.

5. Mr. Hughes


Not only is this Confident track underrated, but some people are actually mean to it. Obviously, I think that’s unfair. This is a jazzy, R&B-style number that’s dripping in sass. It’s a total kiss-off, an FU to Lovato’s middle school crush.

Not only that, but it’s vocally incredible. There’s nothing quite like belting out, “Mr. Hughes, I ain’t missing you” at full volume. This is what happens when you fuck with a bad bitch, mister!

6. Hitchhiker

Demi Lovato - Hitchhiker

It was a bit hard to justify putting this song on this list because there’s not really a song on Tell Me You Love Me that’s tragically underrated. On the contrary, all the songs are well-loved. But I chose this one because it’s only been performed once and some fans pay it dust.

This is perhaps Lovato’s cutest song to date. She sounds absolutely smitten, ready to run off with the new object of her affection. The song is an acoustic slow jam that brings a smile to your face. I, too, would like to go off on an adventure with a pretty girl.

Do you agree with my choices? What Demi Lovato songs do you think are underrated? Let me know in the comments!

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