Slytherin Greatness: A Character Profile on Mia Corvere

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Slytherin Greatness is a feature in which I explain why non-Harry Potter characters belong in Slytherin. These characters can come from books, movies, or television.

Mia Corvere
Art by Lesya Blackbird

The Nevernight Chronicle by Jay Kristoff
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Why Mia Corvere is a Slytherin

I mean, how could she not be? A long-term revenge plot takes so much cunning and patience, nobody but a Slytherin could pull it off. Mia trains as an assassin, gets herself into an assassin school, and sells herself into slavery in order to accomplish her goals. It takes at least a decade, if not more. But despite all she has to do to get to where she needs to be, she never does anything without a reason.

Mia Corvere is methodical and sly. She watches people, learns how they tick. Then she knows just how to play them. She pretends to be weaker than she is and slightly inept, in order to lull her opponents at the Red Church into a false sense of complacency. Then, at the final trial, she pulls out all the stops and throws them off their rhythm (you know, the Bittenbinder Method).

Another example of Mia being conniving as hell is when she tricks one of her more vile opponents into believing she has solved the poison trial. He steals her notes and makes her “solution” for himself, only to die from another poison altogether. Like I said, she knows how to play her foes.

Moreover, Mia doesn’t fight fair. She is a darkin, meaning she has the ability to manipulate shadows. She always, without fail, uses this to her advantage in a fight. It gives her the upper hand, but un-evens the playing field. Hey, anything to achieve her ends.

Mia chooses her allies wisely, cutting off anyone who betrays her or doesn’t help her on her path to vengeance. There is but one exception to this rule, and that person has to work to get themselves back into Mia’s good graces. And they still don’t fully regain her trust.

A trait that isn’t often associated with Slytherins but really should be is patience. Slytherins aren’t about instant gratification— they are far more precise than that. As such, they are willing to wait a long time for the perfect moment to strike. Mia displays this in her years-long quest for revenge against Marcus Remus, Francesco Duomo, and Julius Scaeva. She is willing to endure whatever it takes, so that when the time comes to take her revenge she is ready. And she will succeed.

But Mia’s vengeance isn’t just about destroying (and killing) those who wronged her. She needs them to know it’s her who has brought about their downfall. She’s not just avenging her family— she’s avenging their reputation. She wants these men to know the suffering they’ve caused her, so they know exactly why they are suffering in turn.

Once vengeance is achieved, Mia Corvere is going to reclaim her birthright and her power. Her ambition is almost stifling in how little room it leaves for anything else. Though Mia cares for others, she is also willing to step on them to get what she wants. Unless she can pull a con within a con. After all, Mia never does anything without a reason.

Mia Corvere is the character embodiment of the “I’m a bad bitch! You can’t kill me!” Vine. No matter how many times the world tries to knock her down, she gets back up and plots revenge. She’s the sort of Slytherin you want on your side, but never want against you. Even the Sorting Hat would be afraid of her.

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