Bookending Winter: A Very Potter Christmas!

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Bookending Winter is an event hosted by Sam of Fictionally Sam and Clo of Cuppa Clo in which book bloggers from all over get together to discuss books using summer themes. There are lots of great prompts I’m excited to respond to.

Today’s prompt is brought to you by Tabatha of Broken Soul Reviews.

If you are anything like me, you have one healthy (or rather unhealthy) obsession with all things Harry Potter! Christmas/Winter time in Potter land has always been one of my favorites. It introduced us to Hogsmeade and opened up a door to tons of adventure for the crew. Today, we are taking a trip— right down to Hogsmeade, to grab ourselves some Butterbeer and talk about the upcoming Winter Ball! To get us in the Potter Winter Ball Spirit; there are some things I want to know about all of you!

  1. Which Harry Potter book was your favorite and why?
Half-Blood Prince


I really appreciated learning more about Voldemort’s past. I also really dug the Drarry rivalry in this book (and how Draco is finally an active participant in the larger plot), the countless iconic scenes, and the romance. It really is a god tier novel.

  1. Favorite Harry Potter character(s) and why?
Harry Potter
Art by Art of Reines

I’m honestly offended that this is an unpopular opinion. Harry is kind, sassy, courageous, humble, and willing to do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Harry Potter is the best character in Harry Potter.

  1. Which Harry Potter character are you taking to the Yule Ball?
Ginny Weasley
Art by Art of Reines

Why would I not take Ginny to the Yule Ball? She’s pretty, brash, and talented. I also headcanon her as a lesbian, her long-held crush on Harry the result of compulsory heterosexuality. Ginny and I would go to the Yule Ball together and end the night as girlfriends.

Do you have any answers to these questions? Tell me in the comments!


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