Favorite Friday: Children’s Shows I Watched as an Adult

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Favorite Friday is a meme in which I discuss some of my favorite things. Some Fridays it’ll be based on a topic, while others it’ll just be about some of my recent favorites.

Today I’m sharing my favorite children’s shows that I watched for the first time as an adult. Why is a grown woman watching children’s shows? Because sometimes I find real gems. I actually don’t watch most kids’ shows, not even spin-offs of shows I liked as a kid (ex. Raven’s Home). I know they won’t appeal to me because they’re not for me.

But when I hear enough good things about a show, I feel the need to check it out. Coincidentally, all the shows I’m discussing today are cartoons (two of which actually aired when I was a kid, but I didn’t watch them then). These are shows I think are a cut above the rest, cartoons that appeal to children and adults alike. And if you haven’t watched them, I highly suggest you do.

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

This Nickelodeon show aired when I was in the sixth grade, but I had no interest in it at the time. Over the years, I kept hearing about how it was everyone’s favorite show. There are references to it everywhere. Finally, I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

ATLA, if you don’t know, is a fantasy show the follows Aang, a twelve-year-old boy who serves as the Avatar (a person who can bend all the elements). It is up to him and his friends, Sokka and Katara, to defeat the insidious Fire Nation. Meanwhile, banished prince Zuko is hunting for the Avatar so he can reclaim his honor and return home. It’s an epic fantasy with complex characters and a tightly written plot.

I fell in love with this show from the first episode. I love these characters, especially Zuko and Azula. Everything about this show is incredible. And yes, Zuko’s redemption arc is as amazing as they say. Since finishing the show, I’ve been reading the comics. Someday I plan to watch the spin-off, The Legend of Korra.

  1. Darkwing Duck

This is a lesser-known Disney Channel show that aired in the early ‘90s. I didn’t watch it back then because I was too busy being a baby (it ended before I was born, but I believe Disney aired reruns through 1994). I didn’t even hear about this show until about three years ago in a YouTube video. It sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot.

The show follows Drake Mallard, an anthropomorphic duck who lives a double life as Darkwing Duck. Together with his adopted daughter Gosalyn and his friend Launch Pad McQuack (also featured in the original Ducktales), Darkwing Duck protects St. Canard from a colorful assortment of villains.

I’m not a huge fan of superhero media, but I really like this show. It’s clever and funny. Darkwing Duck is an especially fun superhero because he fights crime not just to save the world, but for the glory. His ego is both an asset and a hindrance, in the most amusing way. Also, the theme song slaps. I actually haven’t finished this show yet, but it’s on Disney+ so I really should get back to it.

  1. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

A reboot of the ‘80s cartoon She-Ra: Princess of Power, this Netflix show is one I hadn’t planned on ever watching. But with all the sapphics excited for the fifth and final season coming out on May 10th, I began to feel intrigued. I ran a poll asking if I should watch it, and the majority voted yes. And so I did.

She-Ra follows Adora, a soldier of the Horde who discovers a magic sword that turns her into the legendary warrior princess She-Ra. After discovering the Horde’s evil deeds, Adora joins the rebellion. Meanwhile, her childhood best friend Catra rises up in the Horde and the two become enemies for the first time.

I’m on season two right now and am really enjoying it. I find I like this show for many of the same reasons I love ATLA. It’s a lot more complex than I expected and has a wonderful cast of characters. Aside from Adora and Catra, my favorite characters are Entrapta and Scorpia. I’ve heard Adora is confirmed to be a lesbian at some point during the show, so I’m looking forward to that. I don’t know yet if I’m no Team Catradora, but I could be depending on where the show takes their characters.

Have you watched any of these shows? What are some of your favorite children’s shows you’ve watched as an adult (if you have)? What favorites should I share next Favorite Friday? Let me know in the comments!


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