Bookending Winter: It’s Another Snowflake Story!

Bookending Winter is an event hosted by Sam of Fictionally Sam and Clo of Cuppa Clo in which book bloggers from all over get together to discuss books using summer themes. There are lots of great prompts I’m excited to respond to.

Today’s prompt is brought to you by Jeimy of A Novel Idea.

Write a 1 sentence and a 1 paragraph story using the 5 selected wintery words: mistletoe, blanket, icicles, Evergreen, & snowflake.

I did this prompt last year, albeit incorrectly. This year I’m going to do things right. My story was inspired by the song “‘Tis the Damn Season” by Taylor Swift. My interpretation of Evermore is that this song and “Dorothea” are about the same couple, and “‘Tis the Damn Season” is from Dorothea’s perspective. 

Someday I may flesh this story out into a longer work, but for now it will stay within the confines of this prompt. Also, if you haven’t listened to Evermore yet, what are you waiting for?!

From under my blanket, I watched the snowflakes fall around the Evergreen trees and the icicles form along the roof, as I dreamed of a kiss under the mistletoe.

What if I stayed? thought Dorothea. August lay sleeping next to her, curled under the blanket. A weekend with her over Christmas would never be enough. A kiss under the mistletoe, a stroll through the Evergreens of Dorothea’s family’s Christmas tree farm would never be enough. But Dorothea knew she wouldn’t stay, that the peace and freedom she’d found again with August, would melt away like a snowflake on warm asphalt as soon as she returned to LA. The pain was an icicle through her heart. But for now, she could pretend this was forever. She pulled August into her and breathed in.

What did you think? Did you like my little flash fictions? Would you be interested in seeing this fleshed out into a longer work? Let me know in the comments!

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