Analyzing Your Analyses

While I majored in creative writing, I took a lot of literature classes. This isn’t just because the courses are similar and I love to read— it’s because I love to analyze things. From books to movies to television, I love dissecting characters and their stories. I love picking apart symbolism. I love digging into [...]

Slytherin Greatness: A Character Profile on Dennis Reynolds

Character Dennis Reynolds Source It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Why Dennis Reynolds is a Slytherin When one watches It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it might seem easy to assume that all the characters are Slytherins. Not so. In fact, only two characters only belong in the house of conniving: Dennis and Dee. Today, we’re talking [...]

Why the Off-Color Humor of “Sunny” Works

Ever since the late 1940s, sitcoms have dominated the world of television. From The Honeymooners, to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to Friends, to How I Met Your Mother, countless sitcoms have reached iconic status. The late ‘80s gave rise to the animated sitcom with The Simpsons. And, as sitcoms grew in popularity and variety [...]