Google Translates My Favorite Movies

Help! I can’t stop making Google Translates posts! I’ve made one for my favorite books, one for book quotes, and one for my favorite shows. Well, now I’d like to do one for my favorite movies. Why? Because I wanted to write something quick today and these posts are fun. As in the past, I’ll [...]

The Most Disappointing Music, Books, & Movies of 2018

I’ve been pretty lucky this year to not have been disappointed by too much media. I’ve gotten a lot better at choosing things I know I’m going to enjoy or recognizing tropes I don’t like in plot summaries and avoiding said media. In fact, I’d argue that I’ve had an overall good year for music, [...]

Are You a Heather?

I haven’t addressed this before (mostly because it just recently became true), but Heathers is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a film dripping with black comedy, all to deliver social commentary on the average American high school. Over the years, it’s become a cult classic. This isn’t just because it’s funny [...]