Google Translates My Favorite Movies

Google Translates My Favorite Shows

Help! I can’t stop making Google Translates posts! I’ve made one for my favorite books, one for book quotes, and one for my favorite shows. Well, now I’d like to do one for my favorite movies. Why? Because I wanted to write something quick today and these posts are fun.

As in the past, I’ll be translating the titles and summaries of my favorite films. I’ll be putting each one through several layers of Google Translate and then back into English. I’ll also provide the link to each movie’s IMDB page so you can read what they’re really about. And now, let the hilarity ensue!

  1. Love


He was a strong friend who closed the door of the blade, thinking that his father had died and that he had hoped that he would be the only one to learn the image of a man and a woman. His right.

  1. Daughter Girls


Cady Heron has told The Plastic, listings and lists at his new school, and he is losing interest in Samuel Samuels, Alpha Plast Regina George.

  1. Labyrinth of Maze


In 1944, Faishist Spaniards, the daughter of a soldier, fought in a critical and challenging manner.

  1. She Went


Following her husband’s commitment to the aim of a large lawyer, we know he is describing himself as verification of his accusation against the offense.

  1. Use and Ease


A girl from Hawaii has found a special player in the natural world.

  1. Of Those 10, I Hate You


A good child cannot even walk in the sun until his brother is guilty.

  1. Not for Us: Power is Great


At the end of three years after the fall of the Emela, a new attack was reached in the First Floor. Pastor opposes Finn and King of the King of the King at Luka Skywalker’s debate.

  1. Title


In order to overthrow an organization that condemns its reputation as a good girl, a wise young man combines a black-and-white child with a story of murdering children.

  1. Seven of Seventy-Seven


Nadine’s high school life is not at risk when her good friend, Krista, begins to talk to her brother.

I think this may be my favorite one yet. Which translation do you think is the funniest? Let me know in the comments!

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