Books I DNF-ed in 2018

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better about not forcing myself to read books I’m not enjoying. Why waste time and energy on a book that sucks? However, I’ve also gotten a lot better at choosing books that fit my interests. That has lessened my need to DNF books. In fact, I only had to [...]

The NetGalley Book Tag

Good afternoon, gang! I had a little time on my hands and I didn’t post anything yesterday, so I decided to bang out a quick book tag. Rather than being about the books themselves, this is actually more about me. Now, I’ve only recently started using Netgalley, but I’ve been approved for a couple ARCs. [...]

Mean Girls Tag

Well, I survived the big, scary blizzard. Today I am extremely sore after spending three hours shoveling my driveway yesterday. But anyway, today I’m going to do my first book tag in a while. As you can tell by the title, this tag is based on the movie Mean Girls. It takes quotes from the [...]