Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Monsters

Whether they’re in your closet, under your bed, or just in your imagination, monsters have had a grip on all of our minds since childhood. They fill us with terror and exhilaration. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this week’s spooky Top 5 Wednesday topic is our favorite monsters. Fiction has so many great monsters, it [...]

The Birthday Book Tag

Fun fact about me: I share a birthday with Lord Voldemort. Do with that information what you will. Today I’m popping out a quick tag. This tag is based all around your birthday! My birthday, in case you don’t know Good Old Voldy’s off-hand, is December 31st. So every year I have to look at [...]

The Bob’s Burgers Tag

Happy Saturday, everyone! How are you feeling this fine day? I thought I’d kick off the weekend with another original book tag! As you can tell by the title, this tag is based on Bob’s Burgers. I’ve taken the characters from the show and created questions based on their personalities. But I’m a shower and [...]

November 2017 Wrap-Up

  November was a big reading slump month for me. So how did I solve that? Graphic novels, of course! In fact, it’s entirely due to graphic novels that I’ll be reaching my reading goal this year. Fortunately, I wound up discovering a new favorite series, so it worked out for the best. This month [...]

The Words That Built the Story: A Study of Victoria “V.E.” Schwab’s Writing Style

  Over the past few years, Victoria Schwab (V.E. when writing for an adult audience) has become one of the biggest names in young and new adult fantasy. While Schwab will readily admit hers was not an overnight success, this skyrocket into the public consciousness was inevitable. Her stories are unlike anything else out there, [...]