Music of the Month: January 2020

Music of the Month is a monthly feature in which I discuss the music I listened to during a given month. It serves as a recap and recommendation list. ***Highest recommended songs in bold*** “Camouflage” by The Front Bottoms “Done for Me (feat. Kehlani)” by Charlie Puth: I’m doing this for you, Kehlani. “Choices (Yup)” [...]

The Duality of Bands: A Mini-Review of “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” by Arctic Monkeys and “Ann” by The Front Bottoms

When I saw both of these bands were releasing music this month, I was ecstatic! Arctic Monkeys and The Front Bottoms are two of my favorite bands, so I’m always happy for new releases from them. More than that, I knew I’d have to review these projects. However, I’ve decided to do it a little [...]