Top 5 Wednesday: Book Fandoms I Was in Before I Joined Fandom Internet


Hosted by the Top 5 Wednesday Goodreads Group

So… this is awkward. This week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is the top five books and series you were a part of the fandom for before you joined fandom internet. I just did a post similar to this last week for Flashback Friday. However, that one was for all my pre-fandom internet fandoms and this one is specifically for books. I think I can swing that. So… here they are, I

  1. The Succubus series by Richelle Mead: This was Richelle’s first adult fantasy series. It follows Georgina, a succubus who loves to read. After selling her soul centuries ago to a demon, Georgina is caught in the world of magic (where she works for a demon who oddly looks exactly like John Cusack and banters with a cryptic angel named Carter). But things suddenly get crazy when her favorite author Seth Mortensen and the mysterious Roman come into her life and her fellow demonic brethren start dying off. This adventure kicks off a year of one crazy adventure after another and the heartbreaking love affair of Georgina and Seth. And yes, there are explicit and erotic sex scenes. But, more than anything, it’s about Georgina’s growth and desperate wish to be human again. Honestly, I would join the online fandom if I could, but the thing is… it doesn’t exist. So, go read this series so we can make a fandom for it. I promise you won’t regret it.
  2. The Lying Game series by Sara Shepard: I devoured these books as they came out. I never read or watched Pretty Little Liars, but this series appealed to me for some reason. Probably the whole twin thing. Unfortunately, the books grew repetitive and I found I enjoyed the show more, so I only read the first three books (though I did look up spoilers to find out who Sutton’s killer was). But when it was good, it was so good. (#JusticeForTheLyingGameTV!)
  3. The Vampire Diaries series by L.J. Smith: I just discussed my reasoning for this one on my last Flashback Friday post, so I won’t put you through all that again. Just know this series was my shit and I lived and breathed by it.
  4. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: I started stanning this series in the third grade. I had dolls and action figures of the Golden Trio, more than one stuffed Hedwig, and every Harry Potter game known to man. As I got older and became a Draco stan, I stocked up on Draco merchandise. I also have a shit-ton of Slytherin stuff (because of course I do). As I’ve said before, this series got me through high school. It will always mean the world to me. And, as cheesy as it sounds, Hogwarts will always be my home.
  5. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: I’d seen these books in the store before, but didn’t want to read them because I thought the shirtless dude on the cover seemed cheesy (sorry, Jace). It wasn’t until Demi Lovato announced she was doing a song for the movie soundtrack (“Heart by Heart,” check it out!) that I decided to give the series a try. I wanted to support the movie since Demi was technically a part of it, but my policy was always to read the book first. So I bought the box set of the first four books and got City of Lost Souls from the library. It was slow-going at first, but I really got into it about halfway into City of Ashes (granted, I took a break after City of Bones to read her Harry Potter fanfiction The Draco Trilogy and tried to read the rest of the series as a Draco/Ginny AU before I decided I like it on its own merits). Shortly after, I joined fandom Tumblr and the rest was history.

What were some books or series you were a fan of before you joined the fandom side of the internet? Let me know in the comments!

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