Music of the Month: September 2017

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s such a thing as a bad month for music. Once again, September was filled with great music releases. I’m going to hold off talking about Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato, Wonderful Wonderful by The Killers, and Now by Shania Twain because I plan on doing full reviews for all of those. But, even without those albums, this month was filled with great tunes. But let me stop insisting that and show you instead:

  1. “Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson: After the less-than-stellar album Piece by Piece, my actual, real-life mother is back with a bang. She’s heading in an R&B direction, with this song as a promising first single. Kelly offers her lover (undoubtedly her husband) her own soft brand of love, promising that it’s better than other love. Her voice squeaks vulnerably on the chorus, telling him that he better treat her gently. It’s a cute bop and definitely makes me excited for the album.
  2. “Los Ageless” by St. Vincent: This alt-pop jam reflects on St. Vincent’s overwhelming love for her girlfriend. On the chorus she asks, “How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their minds too?” The lyrics are smart and metaphorical, and her voice is light and smooth. St. Vincent devolves into spoken-word poetry at the end, admitting she can’t even handle her feelings for this girl because they’re so big and new. It’s a really great song and I’m excited to see what the rest of the album has in store.
  3. “Out of My Head” by Loote: On their latest single, Loote offers up a pop track that serves as a thank you. The narrator is often crippled by depression and self-doubt, but their significant other helps them out of it and lets them just be. It’s a great song for people who find they often overthink things. I definitely recommend it if you like light pop and duets.
  4. “…Ready for It?” by Taylor Swift: I love the chorus of this song so much. The rest can suck it.
  5. “Move You” by Kelly Clarkson: In her next offering from Meaning of Life, Kelly literally just lists things. And it sounds heavenly. She sings about many different touching things (hearing your favorite singer live, movie montages, etc.) and says that’s how she wants to move her husband. It’s a very soft love song that really showcases Kelly’s voice. While “Love So Soft” is the more fun of the two, “Move You” is ultimately the superior track.
  6. “The Last of the Real Ones” by Fall Out Boy: After the horrendous disappointment of “Champion,” I’d begun to lose faith in Fall Out Boy. But they won me back with this track. The lyrical content is classic Fall Out Boy, about a girl too good for them. It mixes rock and pop expertly, in the manner of Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho. If you don’t want to give up hope on Patrick, Pete, and the gang just yet, give this song a listen.
  7. “In My Way” by MUNA: I have wanted this song since they performed it at the Firefly Music Festival in June and they finally made my wish come true this month. In typical MUNA fashion, the song utilizes an ‘80s sound. Lyrically, it acknowledges the narrator’s shortcomings, while still declaring undying love. This isn’t new ground for the band, but that doesn’t make it trite or repetitive. It’s honest and affectionate. Katie Gavin’s quirky vocals only serve to emphasize this tone. If you’re a fan of soft gays, this song is for you.
  8. “Find You” by Nick Jonas: While I was unimpressed with “Remember I Told You,” this song reminded me why I love Nick Jonas. His crooning voice matches perfectly with the topic, loving a girl you can’t quite reach. The guitar underscored with a thumping beat is an earworm that’ll make you want to dance. If this is what Nick’s new era has promised, I can’t wait for it to begin in earnest.
  9. “Mistakes” by Tove Styrke: Swedish pop diva Tove strikes again with her latest single. A stomping guitar dominates the chorus, while Tove’s smooth voice coyly teases her mate. She knows they may not be perfect for her, but she’s down for the adventure. Tove truly knows how to craft a quality pop track and I’m still waiting on the day America wises up to it. Definitely check this song out.
  10. “Let You Down” by NF: NF is back wrenching hearts— a sob always on his voice— on this promo single. He bitterly raps about someone who turned on him, someone who couldn’t— or, more likely, didn’t— support him in his time of need. On the chorus he turns the issue on himself, singing an apology. One wonders if he truly blames himself or if there’s a level of sarcasm there. His singing is pitch-shifted, giving the illusion of him performing a duet with his younger self. The suggestion in this seems to be he is talking about his father. This is the kind of sound that really digs into your soul and tears you apart. I definitely recommend you check out his music.
  11. “Heavy” by Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie is quickly rising as a new pop princess. “Heavy” is a mid-tempo track reflecting on a relationship that’s hit a rough patch. They’re having trouble communicating and have become too self-involved to put the other first. Still, this song gives off a touch of hope since Anne-Marie recognizes the problem and seems to want it to change. Her soft, smooth voice fits really well with the music. It’s a quality pop track you should give a listen.
  12. “Wheels” by Moxie Raia: This song is Rihanna’s “Lemme Get That” for 2017. With a touch of dark R&B, Moxie attempts to broker a deal with her potential lover: he can have sex with her, but she wants his money. She knows she’s heading for great things, so she deserves his nice car. Borderline prostitution? Perhaps. But it’s a great song and it’s definitely convinced me to check out her other music. Her smooth, sultry voice is something I need more of in my life, and you do too.


What music releases have you been into this month? Let me know in the comments!

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