If You Like That, Try This: “Sunny” Edition

As per usual, I started this new series several months ago and then promptly abandoned it. Well, now I’m un-abandoning it. Today, I’m going to give you TV show recommendations based on the greatest show on television today: the consistently Emmy-snubbed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Unlike a lot of sitcoms, this show is geared towards very specific tastes. Basically, if you like satire or watching assholes be assholes, then this show is right up your alley. Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already a Sunny fan and, thus, knew that. What you may not know is what you should watch once your 27th Sunny rewatch is over. And that brings us back to the point of this post. I’ve come up with seven shows you’re guaranteed to love if you love Sunny. Starting with the obvious and then getting more creative, here are your next binges:


  1. The Mick: For my first obvious pick, I’ve chosen Kaitlin Olson’s latest project. The Mick is basically The Nanny if Fran Fine were a borderline alcoholic the kids were prone to disaster caused by their own selfishness. Mickey Molng, Kaitlin’s character, is selfish and headstrong, a slightly less dick-ish Dee Reynolds. The show is funny and unbelievable in the best way. However, even with all their faults, these characters still care about each other and Mickey still wants to do right by these kids. It’s a great show and needs to be renewed for a third season. I recommend this show to Sunny fans not only because of Kaitlin, but because of the crazy plots, the characters, and the writing.
  2. A.P. Bio: And here we have my other obvious pick, Glenn Howerton’s new project. This show actually just started, but is already about four episodes deep. It follows Jack Griffin, a former philosophy professor forced to teach A.P. biology after a disaster with his tenure. He does not want to do this. Instead, he often uses his class to help him plot ways to get back at his nemesis, Miles Leonard. Thought Jack isn’t really anything like Dennis, I doubt he’d bat much of an eye at the gang’s antics. His apathy for his new job drives him to inconvenience both his students and his new co-workers. I already greatly enjoy this program and can’t wait for the next episode. I recommend this show to Sunny fans not just because of Glenn, but because of the characters, line delivery, and writing.
  3. The Good Place: Here’s a fun one to binge. The first two seasons of this show—each only about thirteen episodes— are complete and available wherever shows are streamed. It follows the newly-deceased Eleanor Shellstrop as she navigates her new afterlife in the “good place.” The only problem is, they seem to have her confused with someone else. So, she enlists the help of her assigned soulmate Chidi, a former ethics professor, to help teach her how to be a better person. Twists and turns ensue. I recommend it to Sunny fans for the way it plays with tropes, the writing, and the characters. These are fun characters to love because they’re deeply flawed. If you haven’t watched this wonderful show yet, then settle in and fire up your computer!
  4. Portlandia: This show is the most unique one on the list, at least in terms of format. This is a sketch comedy show, but there are a few recurring characters and storylines. Furthermore, the whole thing takes place in Portland, Oregon. This means a lot of the comedy, though accessible to anyone, is based around the culture and people of Portland (i.e. hipsters). It’s incredibly funny, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein both the stars and writers (in fact, they created the show). I recommend this show to Sunny fans because it has the same intimate character knowledge as Sunny does and is based on a similar premise (Sunny being a show about the average asshole living in Philly, albeit dialed to 100).
  5. Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23: This is one short-lived show that deserved better. It follows June Colburn, a Wall Street-bound optimist who is forced to take a job at a coffee shop and move in with the wild, self-absorbed Chloe. Though the two often clash, they form a strange and messy friendship. Also on the show? James Van Der Beek as himself and Tumblr-favorite Eric Andre. Both seasons are on Netflix and both seasons are great. I recommend this to Sunny fans for the characters, the writing, and the shenanigans.
  6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Though perhaps an unorthodox choice, I maintain that this is Sunny’s more wholesome counterpart. It follows Jake Peralta and his fellow police officers of the NYPD as they solve crimes and get involved in crazy situations. However, where Sunny is written to portray egocentric dicks being awful to everyone, this show is actively written to be more feminist (according to star and producer, Andy Samberg). I recommend this show to Sunny fans because of the clever writing and the use of location as a character.
  7. Community: My last recommendation is the definition of Deserved Better™. It follows Jeff Winger, a lawyer who must go back to community college to get his bachelor’s degree (which he originally faked to get into law school). Once there, he joins a study group. This study group soon finds themselves in what I can only describe as the alternate dimension of Greendale. While we didn’t ultimately succeed in getting six seasons and a movie, this show is considered a cult classic for a reason. I recommend this show to Sunny fans because of the way it plays with genre and tropes, the characters, and the writing.


Have you tried any of these shows? What did you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Tell me about them in the comments!

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