Book Blogger Hop: How Many Books Did I Read in 2018?

Book Blogger Hop


Good afternoon, everyone! It’s time for another Book Blogger Hop. The BBH is a weekly meme that runs from Friday to Thursday in which bloggers answers a book-related prompt. It’s a great way to provide some insight into yourself and introduce yourself to some great new blogs.

January 25-31 Prompt: How many books did you read last year? Will your goal be to match that number or surpass it?

In 2018, I read 70 books. My original goal had been to read 50 books, but I lowered that goal early in the year to 10 because I’d already been falling behind.

My 2019 reading goal is 1 book. Which I’ve already beat. However, I’ve decided that I’d rather read for quality not quantity. This was something I’d already been trying do to in 2018, but I still stressed a little about the amount of books I was reading. This year, I’m focusing on quality from the get go.

How did I get myself off the endless wheel of 100+ Goodreads reading goals (which, by the way, if you’re able to read 100+ books with no problem whatsoever, that’s awesome)? Because in 2017, my goal was to read 100 books. And it was so stressful. I barely made it. And I knew I could never do that to myself again.

2018 was my transition year. 2019 is the year I focus only on quality. I hope that makes this my best reading year yet.

This week I’m shouting out Jessica from A Great Read. She recently did the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag, which is probably my favorite tag. In fact, it’s the first post I ever made on my blog.

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