Favorite Friday: More Nostalgic Ships

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What it do, Scootaloo? Favorite Friday is a brand new meme in which I discuss some of my favorite things. Some Fridays it’ll be based on a topic, while others it’ll just be about some of my recent favorites.

Recently I participated in a Top 5 Wednesday topic about my favorite nostalgic ships. I really liked that post and loved getting to reminisce. However, a few hours after I posted my response, I remembered a few important ones I forgot.

So today I’m going to be discussing more of my favorite ships from my past. These are ships I look back on fondly, recalling how they made my little heart race. From children’s programming and adult sitcoms, these are the (other) ships that warm my crusty old heart.

  1. Phil & Keely from Phil of the Future


These two are basically the reason I had to write this post. They are friends-to-lovers excellence. I remember giggling giddily when they’d accidentally call each other their boyfriend or girlfriend and have to be like “I mean a boy/girl who’s a friend.” And then the series finale when the Diffys are finally able to go back to the future (no pun intended), but Phil makes them go back so he can kiss Keely and tell her how he feels? Absolutely superb. I headcanon that the time machine broke when they had to go back again to get their pet caveman and had to stay in the present.

  1. Jackie & Hyde from That ‘70s Show


Okay, so I still actively ship these two. But I haven’t rewatched That ‘70s Show in a while, therefore they count. From the very first time I watched this show, I was trash for these two. They’re opposites attract that make each other better. Jackie gives Hyde hope and gets him to take things seriously. Hyde brings Jackie back down to earth and appreciates her for her ruthlessness. As far as I’m concerned, Season 7 doesn’t exist and these two wound up married. Jackie is a successful TV talk show host and Hyde owns many records stores. Also, Jackie and Hyde sounds like Jekyll and Hyde. Since they weren’t originally going to be a canon couple, I’d call this fate.

  1. Raven & Devon from That’s So Raven


I rooted so hard for these two. Adrienne from The Cheetah Girls tried to snatch him up and I was mad. And then when Devon’s dad got remarried and they were going to move, so Raven crashed the wedding to try and change his dad’s mind? And the prom episode where Devon surprised Raven and they danced in the street??? Baby Me swooned so hard.

  1. Jim & Pam from The Office


The epitome of the friends-to-lovers trope. My teenage heart regularly squealed over them. I loved the episode where they finally got married so much. Plus, Jim proposed to Pam at a gas station because that was the halfway point between their jobs. And then they started a family together. They absolutely deserved to live happily ever after like they did.

  1. Josh & Mindy from Drake & Josh


This is hate-to-love as it should be. They started as academic rivals and became a dynamic duo. I loved them so much. Those absolute nerds.

What are some of your nostalgic ships? Tell me about them in the comments!

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