Anybody Else Remember These Shows?

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Every once in a while, something triggers a memory that was buried deep within my subconscious. These memories are relatively harmless, but interesting nonetheless. Among those memories are television shows that suddenly find themselves at the forefront of my mind. And it leads me to wonder: does anybody else remember these shows?

I’m sure I’m not actually alone in remembering these shows, but I’d bet good money they’ve also been obscured from your memories. Allow me to reach into your mind and drag them out. In a non-creepy way (it’s still a little creepy).

  1. Baby Bob


I remember liking this show as a kid, but all I remember about it is that the baby talks. It was apparently based on a character from commercials, which I imagine were just as unsettling as the E-Trade commercials.

For some reason we have an episode recorded on VHS (yes, I’m talking that old school), but it probably got taped over at some point. I think my mom liked the show too, but she could’ve just been pretending for my sake. Because, looking back, it’s no surprise this show was canceled before the second season was even over.

  1. Lie to Me


Now this was a show both my mom and I genuinely liked. It followed Dr. Cal Lightman and The Lightman Group as they solved crimes based on different ticks people display when lying. It was so cool! A part of me is still sad it was canceled, even though we stopped watching.

Then reason we abandoned the show was because it stopped being so much about the Crime of the Week and instead about a conspiracy against Lightman. We weren’t interested in that kind of story. But regardless, this is still one of the best crime shows I’ve ever seen.

  1. Seven Little Monsters


I rediscovered this show while doing research for this post and once again had that feeling of having a memory forcibly pulled from the back of my mind. I distinctly remember watching this show, but I could not tell you a single thing about it.

Each monster had its own distinct personality and I’m pretty sure the show aired on PBS Kids. And that’s the extent of my retained knowledge of this show. Even though I definitely watched it a lot. Talk about scary.

  1. Cavemen


Creating a whole show around commercial characters is a bad idea. It failed with Baby Bob and it failed again here. You may or may not remember the cavemen from old Geico commercials. Where they should’ve stayed.

The show was basically your standard sitcom, except the protagonists are cavemen. Cavemen who act like modern dudes. The joke is that they’re offended by “cavemen stereotypes.” It was a funny bit for a commercial, but not a whole show.

I remember liking this show at first, but then I stopped watching it. I’m not sure if that’s because it was canceled or I lost interest. All I know is that it’s a testament to how shit kids’ opinions are.

  1. Dave the Barbarian


Even though I enjoyed this acid trip of a show as a kid, I can’t remember anything about it except the theme song and a weird song that goes, “Steve the Egg! Steve the Egg!/ How do you wear pants without no legs?/ Steve the Egg! Steve the Egg!/ He woke up next to sausages.” Also one of the spells the wizard used was “Benzoil peroxide,” the joke being that’s an ingredient in most acne medications (and also my only allergy, though I doubt they knew that).

I don’t have much critique on this show because, again, I don’t remember anything about it. I just know it was hella weird. And I loved it.

  1. Still Standing


I’m not sure when this show ended, but I know it ran for several seasons. I watched it when it went into syndication on TBS or some other similar channel. Maybe it was ABC Family. It doesn’t matter. What matters is no one ever talks about this show when they talk about sitcoms.

It’s your typical family sitcom with no special hook. I remember liking this show because the parents were explicitly imperfect. I remember one episode they’re looking for their daughter, wind up at a tattoo shop, and the mom gets an Aerosmith tramp stamp. They were good parents, they were just wild. It was one of my favorite shows in tenth grade.

  1. Catscratch


The other day I brought this show up to my sister because we used to love it, and she didn’t remember it until I showed her pictures. I know the cats— Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blick— got into crazy shenanigans. I know we loved Waffle. Other than that? I got nothing.

It’s so bizarre how I can remember some shows from my childhood in perfect detail, but others have just left a blank canvas in my mind. I’m sure it was loud and obnoxious. I know my mom hated it. I guess I’m just a failure as a cat person.

Do you remember any of these shows? Are there any other shows that have been erased from the public consciousness? Let’s have a discussion in the comments!

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