Google Translates My Favorite Shows

Google Translates My Favorite Shows

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently playing around with Google Translate. I did the Google Translates My Favorite Books meme and then had Google translate some book quotes. Today, I’d like to have Google translate some of my favorite shows.

Much like the original meme, I’ll be translating the titles and summaries of my favorite shows. I’ll be putting each one through several layers of Google Translate and then back into English. I’ll also provide the link to each show’s IMDB page so you can read what they’re really about. And now, let the hilarity ensue!

  1. Philadelphia is Always the Sun


Five friends with the thought and pride of the Irish in Philadelphia.

  1. University University


The herd of shepherds gather together because their father, who teaches them to save that day, dies.

  1. One Day at the Same Time


The Cuban Chamber of Citizens came to live in a single house: her old lady, her teenage daughter, her longtime friend and grandmother were born.

  1. 9 Brooklyn Court


Jake Peralta, N.Y.P.D. young but in talent. 99 Brooklyn events are in trouble with her new manager, Raymond’s captain and leader.

  1. Slayer Block the Vampire


The young woman, who kills vampires, demons, and other people, hopes her life is opposed to the damage with the help of her friends.

  1. Rider Inn


BoJack Horseman complains about the “Horsin’ Around” TV series in the 1990s, washing, Hollywood, everything, and clothing style stars.

  1. To Play


Take a look at the lives of the workers in the big shop.

Well, that was enjoyable. Which one was your favorite translation? Do we like the same shows? Would you like a sequel at some point? Let me know in the comments!

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