Music of the Month: March 2019 (1)

What it do, what it do? I’ve been tired all week so I finally broke and got some caffeine. Just so you know how I am going into this. Anyway, like the last couple of months, I’ll be talking about some of the music I’ve been listening to this month. In terms of individual songs, I’ll only be talking about a handful. But a link to my full playlist is included in the first section header.

Get ready to have your ears blessed because this month’s music is off the chain!


  1. “Sucker” by Jonas Brothers: It took a couple listens, but this song really grew on me. It’s a fun mix of synths and real instruments. The JoBros are back, baby!!!
  2. “Superstar” by MARINA: Out of the three songs she’s released under her new stage name, this one is my favorite. It’s FROOT-meets-The Family Jewels.
  3. “Dirty Water” by Yoshi Flower: Upbeat and passionate, this song solidifies my love for Yoshi Flower. His sound is so cool, a unique mix of grandson and twenty one pilots (who coincidentally both use all lowercase letters in their names).
  4. “Walk Me Home” by P!nk: Now this is a comeback song! I love the heady drum beat on this chorus. P!nk has effectively married her old rock sound with her new pop persona.
  5. “Feel Something” by Adam Lambert: Well, I definitely feel something when I listen to this song. What a beautiful ballad. This is easily one of Lambert’s best songs.
  6. “Running Up That Hill” by Meg Myers: I never knew I needed a cover of Kate Bush’s classic hit, but Myers filled that invisible void. Hell, she might even make the song better with her deep, rich voice.
  7. “Lo/Hi” by The Black Keys: I’m pretty sure every alternative fan would recommend this song. And they are all correct. This song is fantastic.
  8. “Murderous” by Idiot Pilot: I think this is one of the rockiest rock songs I’ve listened to in a while. Although, technically it’s “post hardcore,” whatever that means. But it’s really good and I’ll need to listen to this band more.
  9. “Lil Bebe” by DaniLeigh: My friend Ciara introduced me to this song and I love it. It’s a hip hop song with a great message about appreciating your own value. This girl needs to be big.
  10. “Living in L.A.” & “I’m Just Being Honest” by Weezer: “Living in L.A.” is such a bop. Its upbeat sound stands in perfect juxtaposition to the conflicted lyrics. “I’m Just Being Honest” is a mid-tempo track filled with hilarity. Check out my review of The Black Album for more of my thoughts!

Albums & EPs

  1. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance


Confession: I didn’t listen to MCR as a teenager. Why? I don’t know. I loved Paramore and Fall Out Boy, so MCR should’ve been right up my alley. But I never gave them a chance.

When Ciara found out, she responded by showing me the “Welcome to the Black Parade” video. I fell in love. I’ve been playing this album on repeat ever since. I listened to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys too, but they didn’t hit me the way The Black Parade does. This album is a masterpiece. Dare I say, one of the greatest of all time?

If you’ve been living under a rock or are weird like me, give this album a chance. If you’ve already listened to this album and love it, listen to it again. If you just finished listening to it, listen to it again. It’s never the wrong time to listen to The Black Parade.

  1. Nothing Happens by Wallows


This album is every indie lover’s pride and joy. It’s incredibly eclectic and vibrant, while remaining sonically cohesive. For my in-depth thoughts, check out my review!


  1. Lorde


At the beginning of this month, I felt a yen for some Lorde. So I did what any sane person would do and fired up a playlist full of the little alt pop genius’ music and jammed away. I don’t need to explain myself. Everybody loves Lorde.

  1. Jade Bird


Every year I find a new female artist to rave about all year long. In 2017, that was Bishop Briggs. In 2018, it was Amy Shark. This year it’s going to be Jade Bird. Her music is literally if Woodstock were a person. And— what do you know— she’s going to Woodstock this year. I wish I could go, but I hitched my wagon to Firefly again and I can’t afford two music festivals in the same year. But I digress…

Jade Bird is a modern day Janis Joplin. Boomers won’t want to hear that, but it’s true. And, with songs like “I Get No Joy” and “My Motto,” she’s going to go far.

  1. GIRLI


Another artist introduced to me by Ciara, GIRLI is basically the music baby of Lily Allen and Charli XCX but even more aggressively feminist. What can I say? I have a type.

  1. Fall Out Boy


One day I felt the random urge to listen to Fall Out Boy, and so I did. Later when I got home, I went home and took off my sweatshirt only to discover I was wearing my FOB Monumentour shirt. I’d totally forgotten. I totally mind-melded with myself.

None of that really matters. Just know that I still love Fall Out Boy and also Folie à Deux is their best album.

What music have you been into lately? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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