Music of the Month: October 2019

Music of the Month is a monthly series in which I discuss the music I listened to during a given month. It serves as a recap and recommendation list. ***Highest recommended in bold*** “Dear Future Self (Hands Up) [feat. Wyclef Jean]” by Fall Out Boy “The End of the Game” by Weezer “White Mercedes” by [...]

Glass Half Full: A Review of “The Black Album” by Weezer

About two months ago, I reviewed Weezer’s cover album. I called it lazy and pointless, which I still maintain. But it didn’t kill my hope for the Black Album. After all, I’d enjoyed the singles. Perhaps the Black Album would be just the comeback Weezer needed. Alas, it is not. Out of the ten tracks [...]

What’s the Purpose?: A Dual Review of “Heard It in a Past Life” by Maggie Rogers and “Teal Album” by Weezer

I know, what the hell? A new blog post on a Sunday? Usually there's But today I felt motivated to write, so you're getting a double review. You're welcome. Every album ever made has been made with a purpose. At least, that’s how it should be. Why make a body of work if you don’t [...]