Two Truths and a Lie Book Tag

• List two bookish truths and one lie. Keep the answer hidden so your followers can guess!
• Reveal the lie in a spoiler at the bottom of your post.
• Link back to the original post.

Can you guess which of these is the lie?
1. I’ve met V.E. Schwab.
2. I’ve been reading since before kindergarten.
3. I binged the entire Mortal Instruments series in five days.

Reveal the Lie

Unfortunately, #1 is the lie. Not only have I never met V.E. Schwab, I haven’t met any famous authors.

Did you get it right? Let me know in the comments! If you want to try your own hand at this tag, I hereby tag you!

One thought on “Two Truths and a Lie Book Tag

  1. In elementary school the kids’ poet Barry Louis Polisar came to speak and I got an autographed copy of one of his books. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to describe him as ‘famous’ though. 😛 I don’t know if I’d want to meet one of my favorite authors in person because I’d probably get all wigged out and not know what to say.


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