Top 5 Tuesday: Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars

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Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly book discussion with a new topic every Tuesday hosted by Shanah of Bionic Book Worm. It’s each blogger’s job to pick five book-related things (though you’re welcome to pick things from other media, if necessary) that fit the topic.

This week’s topic is the top five reasons you rate a book five stars. This is something that is both deeply personal and applicable to many people. Basically, we all have our own things about books we love and sometimes we’re unable to qualify it. But sometimes our reasons are shared with others. These are my main reasons why I rate a book 5 stars.

  1. Characters


I’ve mentioned this many times on my blog, but characters are the most important aspect of a book to me. If I connect with the characters and find them to be especially well-written, I’m much more likely to rate a book 5 stars.

  1. How It Makes Me Feel


If a book makes me feel strongly, I consider it effective writing. But sometimes it’s not an emotion a book elicits, but the feeling of coming home or finding a piece of my soul. When a book feels like it’s a part of me, it’s a guaranteed five stars. I can’t explain what about a book necessarily makes me feel this way, but it’s usually a particular atmosphere that resonates with something inside me.

  1. Writing Style


There are certain writing styles that really seem to click with me. For example, I love flowery writing. Is your book drenched in metaphors? Then I love it. A unique or beautiful writing style always gives you points in my book.

  1. Complex Morality


I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that I’m not as interested in stories of good vs. evil. If a book is able to deal in shades of gray or has an antihero at the helm, it’s on the fast track to becoming a 5 star read.

  1. It Stands Out


This is perhaps the hardest to qualify, but if there’s something unique about your book I’m much more likely to fall in love with it. A lot of this is probably due to me being such a huge reader. I’ve read so much that I’m familiar with so many character archetypes, tropes, and plotlines. It’s refreshing when I find something totally unlike anything I’ve ever read.

What reasons do you rate a book 5 stars? Let’s discuss in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars

  1. I definitely agree with all of your reasons! The characters is probably my number one as well. I love when characters are witty and can have some sort of banter in their conversations. Another thing I also love is when a book can take me by surprise. Whether that be a plot twist I wasn’t expecting or the author taking a risk such as killing off a character. Especially when I read mysteries or thrillers, I love when I think I’ve figured it out yet there’s a twist that proves me wrong!


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