Ranking My Favorite and Least Favorite Books

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Hello everyone! I’m back from my unplanned hiatus! What happened? Well, I’ve been sick and also just brain tired. But now I’m better and feeling more motivated. In fact, I’m planning on reviving my feature where I discuss authors’ writing styles, The Words That Built the Story.

But first, I’m going to do something just for fun. Not that studying writing style isn’t fun for me, but this is something fun that doesn’t require much brain power.

If you’ve been on Book Twitter lately, you’ve probably noticed everyone is doing tier rankings for all kinds of books. You’ve probably also done a few yourself. Well, I saw Jashana C do a tier-ranking of her least favorite books from the past few years and thought it looked fun. So I’m trying it with my favorite and least favorite books that have made my year-end lists from 2016-2019.

I thought about including the tier charts for you to try, but they’re kind of limited in that you have to think my favorites are good and my least favorites are bad so… maybe that’s not the best way to make this interactive. Instead, I challenge other bloggers to try this with their favorite and least favorite books!

And now, here are my official tier-rankings of my favorite and least favorite books from 2016-2019!



God Tier- The best of the best

Great Tier- I loved these books

Good Tier- I really liked these books

Decent Tier- I liked these books when I read them, but the love has waned

It’s Been a While- It’s been too long to properly make a judgment

Least Favorite

my-image (1)

Shit Tier- Burn these books with fire

Bad Tier- These books were not remotely good

Mediocre Tier- These books were bad in a boring way

Disappointing Tier- I was mostly just disappointed by these books

DNFs- I didn’t finish these books, but got far enough to place them on my Worst Lists

Do you agree with any of my rankings? Do we have similar taste or are our tastes very different? If you try this with your favorite and/or least favorite books, tag me so I can see them! You can create your own tier charts here. Let’s make this a meme!

My blogging is probably going to be spotty for the next few weeks, especially in March. I’m going to be moving across the country, so that’s taking a lot of my focus right now. I’m still going to be posting, but not as much as usual. Please bear with me! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Ranking My Favorite and Least Favorite Books

  1. glad to hear you’re feeling better! tier lists are definitely a fun way to get back into blogging, and I always love seeing how other people feel about books I’ve read.

    ADSOM is definitely god tier, it’s been literal years since I read the trilogy but I still think about it frequently; I would also put The Starless Sea up there, though I can definitely see that it isn’t for everyone. I really liked If We Were Villains, though I don’t know that I would have put it higher than Great Tier. honestly, I just pretend Cursed Child never happened lol.

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