Book Blogger Hop: Books That Helped Me Through Tough Times

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Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Billy of Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Reader that runs from Friday to Thursday in which bloggers answer a book-related prompt. It’s a great way to provide some insight into yourself and introduce yourself to some great new blogs.

What is a book that has helped you get through your lowest point in life?

Today you’re getting a two-for because I have to different takes on this question. One is a book series that helped me cope during a difficult period and another is a book that helped me better myself and my mental health. One is fictional and the other is non-fiction. Let’s delve into my adolescent/young adult psyche, shall we?

Harry Potter by JK Rowling


This series was my escape during high school. I was a total nerd who was also pseudo-Goth/emo, yet still watched Disney Channel. I was also incredibly shy and struggling with a life-long case of social anxiety. Naturally, I was bullied and had few friends.

And so I read Harry Potter and watched the movies over and over. I wrote self-insert fanfiction where I dated Draco Malfoy (hey, I didn’t know I was a lesbian yet) and my friends and I got to be whoever we wanted. I unironically referred to myself as the Slytherin Princess. I look back on those days not with embarrassment, but with fondness. No matter my negative feelings toward JKR now, I’ll forever be grateful for what this series meant to me then.

Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year by Demi Lovato


I don’t really read self-help books, but obviously I had to make an exception for my boo. Each day, I read the quote and advice Demi gave and applied it to my life. I’m not saying this book worked miracles or that it said anything revolutionary, but hearing these things from Demi meant a lot. She’s a huge inspiration for me and I’m really glad she shared a bit of how she gets by day to day.

What’s a book that helped you through tough times? Please share in the comments!


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