Music of the Month: April 2020

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Music of the Month is a monthly series in which I discuss the music I listened to during a given month. It serves as a recap and recommendation list. I was feeling really nostalgic this month, which you’ll see as the post goes on.


Playlist Favorites
  1. I’m Ready by Sam Smith & Demi Lovato
  2. Over Yet by Hayley Williams
  3. Ideas by Au/Ra
  4. Lost in My Bedroom by Sky Ferreira
  5. How I Do It by Snow tha Product
  6. Devil on My Shoulder by Kelsy Karter
  7. Break Up Song by Little Mix
Full Playlist

albums eps

  1. Hot Pink by Doja Cat

I plan on continuing her discography soon!

  1. BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US by Jessie Reyez

Album review here!

  1. Everlife by Everlife

This Disney Channel band deserved to blow up like the Jonas Brothers or at least Aly & AJ.

  1. High Highs to Low Lows by Lolo Zouaï

I found out about her music from Demi Lovato and I’m so grateful for the tip! She’s incredible!

bands artists

  1. Cascada

I want to go to a dance club that only plays Cascada music.

  1. The Veronicas

There’s nothing quite like the raw, emotional energy of being a teenage girl blaring The Veronicas in her room.

  1. Ashlee Simpson

This may be a controversial opinion, but Ashlee has always been my favorite Simpson sister.

  1. Jordin Sparks

This is one American Idol winner that deserves better.

  1. Miley Cyrus

The Most Underrated post about her songs here!

  1. PVRIS

I just really love PVRIS, okay?

What music were you into in April? Give me some recommendations in the comments!


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