Music of the Month: May 2020

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Music of the Month is a monthly series in which I discuss the music I listened to during a given month. It serves as a recap and recommendation list.


Playlist Favorites
  1. I Love Me (feat. Travis Barker) [Emo Version] by Demi Lovato
  2. Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé) by Megan Thee Stallion
  3. Be Kind by Marshmello & Halsey
  4. XS by Rina Sawayama
  5. Warriors by AJ Michalka
Full Playlist
Emo Playlist

albums eps

  1. Petals for Armor by Hayley Williams

*chef’s kiss*

bands artists

  1. Demi Lovato

The fan-made documentary DEMI (which is unfortunately no longer available) made me really nostalgic. Also, I have a new ranking for Demi’s albums: Unbroken < DEMI < Confident < Don’t Forget < Tell Me You Love Me < Here We Go Again. I can’t wait to see where D7 fits in!

What music were you into in May? Give me some recommendations in the comments!

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