Google Translates My Favorite Movies

Help! I can’t stop making Google Translates posts! I’ve made one for my favorite books, one for book quotes, and one for my favorite shows. Well, now I’d like to do one for my favorite movies. Why? Because I wanted to write something quick today and these posts are fun. As in the past, I’ll [...]

The Hamilton Book Tag

What’s based on songs from a musical but came two years too late? This tag! Okay, technically this tag has existed since Hamilton was the Big Thing, but I’m only just now doing it. And I picked it in honor of the Mean Girls cast recording coming out yesterday. I know there’s not really a [...]

Mean Girls Tag

Well, I survived the big, scary blizzard. Today I am extremely sore after spending three hours shoveling my driveway yesterday. But anyway, today I’m going to do my first book tag in a while. As you can tell by the title, this tag is based on the movie Mean Girls. It takes quotes from the [...]