The Words That Built the Story: A Study of Jay Kristoff’s Writing Style

The Words that Built the Story is a feature in which I dissect and discuss an author’s writing style. Today’s study is on Jay Kristoff. Out of all the authors I’ve covered so far on this feature, I’d say Jay Kristoff’s writing style is the most polarizing. Even among fans, there are times we love [...]

Analyzing Your Analyses

While I majored in creative writing, I took a lot of literature classes. This isn’t just because the courses are similar and I love to read— it’s because I love to analyze things. From books to movies to television, I love dissecting characters and their stories. I love picking apart symbolism. I love digging into [...]

The Words That Built the Story: A Study of Laini Taylor’s Writing Style

When asked to list popular YA authors, Laini Taylor often doesn’t make people’s lists. This by no means indicates that she’s not as good. On the contrary, her writing is downright ethereal. It’s just not as readily accessible. Where most YA is written in a fairly straightforward manner, Laini’s prose is poetic and lyrical. In [...]

The Words That Built the Story: A Study of Victoria “V.E.” Schwab’s Writing Style

  Over the past few years, Victoria Schwab (V.E. when writing for an adult audience) has become one of the biggest names in young and new adult fantasy. While Schwab will readily admit hers was not an overnight success, this skyrocket into the public consciousness was inevitable. Her stories are unlike anything else out there, [...]

The Words that Built the Story: A Study of Cassandra Clare’s Writing Style

When you think YA urban fantasy, you think Cassandra Clare. Since 2007, Clare has been one of the frontrunners of this subgenre. Her Shadowhunter Chronicles saga is one of the most popular YA series of all time, garnering a humongous fanbase. The Mortal Instruments has been adapted into a movie and a television show. However, Clare’s [...]

The Words that Built the Story: A Study of Sarah J. Maas’ Writing Style

Whether you like her or not, it is impossible to deny that Sarah J. Maas has become a driving force in the direction of YA fantasy. Her books frequently dominate bestseller lists and have very large fandoms. Her model of high fantasy is already being duplicated, cementing her influence. But, despite the recent heaps of [...]