Book Blogger Hop: Print or Ebooks? (4)

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these. Why? I wasn’t really feeling the questions. But this week I’ve got sexy new graphics and an answer for the question. I’ve also found some great posts by other bloggers to recommend.

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme that runs from Friday to Thursday in which bloggers answers a book-related prompt. It’s a great way to provide some insight into yourself and introduce yourself to some great new blogs.


Back when I first started college, I had to take a speech class. One assignment was to write and give a persuasive speech on any topic. I chose to argue that physical books are superior to ebooks. So, yeah, I was one of those.

Whenever a relative would come over and read something on a tablet, I’d tease them. I swore I would never cave and hop onto that bandwagon. I was, as P!nk said, “too school for cool.”

Then, about two years ago, I realized I was spending a lot of money on books. And that’s when I knew it was time to sell out. I got my first Kindle for my birthday that year. I was going to save big.

So… a couple problems with that plan. First of all, I still vastly prefer physical books. I love the feel of rough pages beneath my fingers. I love physically turning pages. I love looking at my shelves and seeing my sweet beloveds there.

Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space. I have so many books, I’ve had to convert a CD case and one of my closet shelves into extra book shelves! And that doesn’t even include the huge stacks of books in my closet I’ve been meaning to unhaul.

Physical books also not great for the environment. If we keep buying them, publishing companies will keep killing trees to print them. And yet, they are my one vice.

My other problem is that I often forget that I have books on my tablet. Out of sight, out of mind. Even if ebooks are technically the smarter option and I have read several, I still haven’t fully made the switch. And I probably never will.


Sam of Fictionally Sam started the hilarious Google Translates My Favorite Books meme.

Aurora of Aurora Librialis created a fun bookish Valentine’s Day quiz.

Shri of Sun and Chai wrote a fascinating essay on morally gray characters.

Briana from Pages Unbound provided some great tips on driving traffic to your blog.

What about you? Have you made the switch? Which do you prefer? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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