Music of the Month: February 2019 (1)

Welcome back, friends and foes! It’s time to talk about all the great music I listened to in February!

I’ve decided to change things up a little bit. Instead of talking about every song I’ve been jamming to, I’ll only be talking about my favorites. That’ll keep these monthly music wrap-ups from taking a century to get through. I will, however, provide a link to my monthly playlist and include Spotify widgets for the albums and artists I’ve been into lately.

Get ready for some banger music recommendations because my taste is fire!

2019’s Jams
  1. “bury a friend” by Billie Eilish: I’m really not a big Billie Eilish fan, but I know a good dark pop track when I hear it. This is alternative pop as it should be. It’s creepy in the most delightful way.
  2. “I’ve Been Waiting” by Lil Peep, ILoveMakonnen, and Fall Out Boy: I’m really not a fan of record companies releasing music by deceased artists, unless the artist gave explicit approval before their death. It feels like musical grave robbing. But this song is a bop. It’s got a real alternative groove, and not just because Fall Out Boy is in it. Besides, ILoveMakonnen was a friend of Lil Peep’s.
  3. “Low Key (feat. Tyga)” by Ally Brooke: This pop track with R&B flair really proves that this Fifth Harmony alum can be a star. My only complaint is Tyga. The first few lines of his verse sound so sleazy and slimy. Other than that, this song is a pop gem.
  4. “When I Die” by ALMA: Do you guys remember my love of Swedish pop singers? Well, apparently that extends to Finnish pop stars as well. This is a party anthem about celebrating a life lived and living life to the fullest. It’s a total bop.
  5. “They Own This Town” by flora cash: This is a dark alternative track I can’t get enough of. It’s both intimidating and intimidated. And I’m all about it.
  6. “Kids” by PUP: Sometimes callouts for teens are good. This is an aggressive yell of an alternative track.
  7. “Hot Girl” by Megan Thee Stallion: I discovered this song because someone edited it over the “Brand New Day” number in Camp Rock 2. It fit weirdly well. It also introduced me to a great rap track.
  8. “Spotless Mind” by Sofia Karlberg: I’m pretty sure I remember this girl from her covers on YouTube, including the Fifty Shades version of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.” This song retains that same dark, eerie vibe.
  9. “Handmade Heaven” by MARINA: The Diamonds may be gone, but Marina’s talent isn’t. Though it has the same vibe as FROOT, it is far more heartfelt.
  10. “Last Hurrah” by Bebe Rexha: Despite releasing one of the worst albums of 2018, Bebe is not hopeless. Case in point: this song. It’s about wanting to change and get better, but continuously making excuses as to why she won’t. Sadly, that’s relatable.
  11. “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo: A bombastic R&B track, Lizzo chronicles falling in love for the first time. She experiments with sing-talking and belting with her fantastic voice. Personally, I think this is her best track yet.
  12. “Feels” by Kehlani: What can I say? It’s Kehlani. That makes it an automatic hit with me.
  13. “11 Minutes” by YUNGBLUD, Halsey, & Travis Barker: Honestly, I only like this song because of Halsey. #NoRagerts


  1. a modern tragedy vol. 2 by grandson


His second EP, grandson picks up where he left off. Volume 2 is filled with self-loathing, relationship drama, and biting political commentary. It’s EDM meets hip hop meets alternative. It’s an absolute scream.

  1. thank u, next by Ariana Grande


This was a brilliant comeback album (which is weird to say, seeing as Sweetener was super successful despite its flaws). Check out my glowing review!

  1. OK, I’M SICK by badflower


2000s emo rock is back in a brand new way with this record. Check out my review for more of my thoughts!


  1. Demi Lovato


Although it should be taken as implicit that I listen to Demi every month, I was extra devoted in February. It was a rough month for both Demi and me, so I felt the need to support her. Demi’s music always calms me down when I feel really anxious.

Plus, a rejected Tell Me You Love Me song leaked. It’s called “Proof” and it’s a total banger. She even does whistle tones at the end!

  1. Lily Allen


I just started listening to GIRLI, who reminds me a lot of Lily Allen. Due to this, I felt the urge to listen to Lily’s music again. I forgot how absolutely savage she used to be. Alright, Still and It’s Not Me, It’s You remain modern masterpieces with vicious diatribes against exes, drug abuse, the fame game, and racists.

What music were you into in February? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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