If You Like That, Try This: Paramore Edition

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If You Like That, Try This is a series in which I recommend media based on other media. Sometimes I talk about books, others shows, and yet others music.

Today, for the first time, I decided I wanted to write an IYLTTT post about music. And what better place to start than with Paramore? Hayley Williams recently announced that the band isn’t currently recording any music, so Paramore fans are left with a big void in our lives. But what— or who— to fill it with? Well, I have a few ideas.

  1. Stand Atlantic

Out of all the bands I’m going to recommend, Stand Atlantic is the most reminiscent of Paramore’s “emo” days. I affectionately refer to them as Paramore’s daughter. Their sound is anthemic and their themes introspective and biting.

Bonnie Fraser, the lead singer, has an angry roar of a voice. Its power is comparable to Williams’. She brings such palpable emotion to each song, every performance a statement.

And their lyrics? Imagine being a twenty-something college grad with anxiety and hearing, “I’m restless to the point where I’m stuck.” Yeah, it’s a relatable gut punch.

Their best songs are “Lavender Bones,” “Skinny Dipping,” “Clay,” “Bullfrog,” and “Lost My Cool.”

  1. The Regrettes

If Stand Atlantic is Paramore’s daughter, then The Regrettes is Paramore’s niece. The band has the power and ferocity of debut-era Paramore, but with a throwback twist. A lot of their sound is influenced by the 60s and 70s.

Moreover, Lydia Night is as dynamic a presence as Williams is. I had the pleasure of seeing this band live and they really impressed me. Interestingly, they’re almost a reverse Paramore— every member of the band is a girl except their drummer.

The Regrettes is the sort of band with a clear handle on what their image is. When they pick a theme, they stick with it. One never has to doubt their passion during any era.

Their best songs are “I Dare You,” “Pumpkin,” “Has It Hit You?,” “Poor Boy,” and “Dress Up.”

  1. PVRIS

PVRIS best exemplifies the ease with which Paramore changes musical directions by doing so just as well. Their sound is basically if “Decode” was an entire album with dance beats mixed in.

Sure, as the band has progressed, they’ve leaned a little more towards said dance beats and midi instruments. But that hasn’t stopped them from being a damn good band with damn good lyrics.

Besides, Lynn Gunn is a phenomenal singer. She delivers the lyrics with such passion, it’s almost overwhelming. Between her and the rest of the band, you simultaneously feel like you need to sit down and get up and dance.

Their best songs are “St. Patrick,” “My House,” “No Mercy,” “Heaven,” “Hallucinations,” and “Death of Me.”

  1. Halestorm

Halestorm has actually been around since Paramore was on their third album, but they’ve never gotten their due. I call them Paramore’s slutty sister, in the most endearing of ways. Because, let’s be real, they’re a lot more explicit than Paramore.

Of course, that’s not a detriment to their music. On the contrary, it’s part of lead singer Lzzy Hale’s brassy persona. Halestorm is unapologetic about who they are and about how loud their music is.

This is the kind of band you listen to when you feel like shouting from the rooftops. They’re perfect for when you’re angry, confident, or sad. Halestorm is a jack-of-all-trades with a dark twist.

Their best songs are “Love/Hate Heartbreak,” “Mz. Hyde,” “I Miss the Misery,” “Break In,” “You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing,” “Here’s to Us,” and “Apocalyptic.”

Have you listened to any of these bands? What bands do you recommend for Paramore fans? Drop some recommendations in the comments!

2 thoughts on “If You Like That, Try This: Paramore Edition

  1. Love Paramore, especially their old stuff! Misery Business and crushcrushcrush were a regular part of 12-year-old wannabe emo me’s rotation. Have you listened to old No Doubt? Everyone knows “Don’t Speak” but some of their harder stuff reminds me of Paramore. Also the band The Screaming Females. She has a great voice. I’d check out “I’m Make You Sorry.” There are others too that I can’t think of and jeez, apparently I have a lot to say about this! Haha!


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