The Most Underrated Lady Gaga Songs

The Most Underrated

The Most Underrated is a meme in which I discuss the most underrated songs by an artist or band. Occasionally I may branch out, but this is the main theme. Today’s artist spotlight is on Lady Gaga!

Ah, Lady Gaga. What a career she’s had over the past decade. From the absurdity of meat dresses to the beauty of A Star is Born, Stefani Germanotta has certainly made a name for herself (especially among the gay community).

Of course, when your career is based on spectacle, most people only know you for your singles. (Hence why people are so surprised when they find out Gaga can sing.) And that means you have plenty of underrated album tracks for fans and casual listeners to appreciate.

Today I’d like to share the songs I think are the most underrated from Gaga’s solo discography. That means I’m excluding her project with Tony Bennett and the A Star is Born soundtrack. But there’s still plenty to discuss. And so we shall. I’ll take that applause now.

  1. Summerboy


I’ve always found the closing track of The Fame to be a particularly delightful listen. It’s jaunty and fun, suggestive without being raunchy. It also does the most to highlight Gaga’s vocal talent out of all the songs on her debut. True to its name, this is the perfect song to listen to in summer.

  1. Teeth


I didn’t appreciate this song when The Fame Monster first came out, but I sure do now. It’s got a healthy swing to it that I really dig. It’s a song of seduction with an edge. Maybe it’s not as iconic as “Bad Romance” or “Alejandro,” but it’s got plenty of meat to sink your teeth into.

  1. Electric Chapel


Even when Born This Way was new, I knew this song wouldn’t get its due. It somehow manages to be both dark and romantic; however, it’s also a musical safe haven for the outcasts. So much of Born This Way is for and about them and this dark pop track is no exception. There’s just something so electric about it.

  1. Gypsy


So, ARTPOP exists. We all agree it’s Gaga’s worst project, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its gems. Enter this song. It’s anthemic and soaring, a rallying cry for those who don’t fit into any one place. It should be noted that the title is a Romani slur and many Romani people have expressed their discomfort with it. But the song itself is perfect for those of us who want to feel free.

  1. Just Another Day


Joanne as an album was a bit of a confused venture. Clearly Gaga wanted to go back to her roots, but she left behind a large chunk of her personality to do it. And then “Just Another Day” comes on and you say, “Oh, there she is!” Gaga takes us back to the 70s to share some vulnerability. She’s honest about her failings, but hopeful at the same time. It’s also the only song on the record she wrote by herself. That day, looking over Central Park, Gaga found a new way to shine.

Do you agree with my choices? What Lady Gaga songs do you think are underrated? Let me know in the comments!

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