Music of the Month: April 2019 (1)

Happy Star Wars Day!


May the Fourth Be with You!

Honestly? April wasn’t a great month for music. I’m not saying I didn’t find some good music, just that there wasn’t a lot. Essentially, what I’m saying is this month’s Music of the Month post is going to be much more manageable for both you and me.

From songs to albums to artists, this is the music that I listened to and loved in April.

2019’s Playlist
  1. “Moonlight” by Jasmine Cephas-Jones: “Say No to This” from Hamilton was a mere fraction of what Cephas-Jones is capable of vocally. This song belongs on a Bond movie soundtrack.
  2. “Style” by Foster the People: The Bowie influence in this song is evident. It sounds like it came straight from the ‘80s!
  3. “I Wasted You” by flora cash: This may be one of my favorite flora cash songs, second only to the post-apocalyptic “They Own This Town.” It’s so gut-wrenching.
  4. “Hey Nice to Know Ya” by LP: Her voice is like Stevie Nix and Bebe Rexha combined. Her lyrics are gay. Do you really need to know anything else?
  5. “Downhill Lullaby” by Sky Ferreira: Ferreira should’ve always been an alternative musician because it blows her pop stuff out of the water. This song is so haunting and beautiful.
  6. “Broken & Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson: Sure, it’s cliché and generic, but it also has a good message. And it’s Kelly Clarkson, so it automatically gets points.
  7. “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Fame” by Black Cards: Did you know Pete Wentz and Bebe Rexha were once in a band together? I sure didn’t. But I’m glad I know now because this song is rad.
  8. “Istanbul” by The Might Be Giants: This song was on the Tiny Toons musical episode, so I used to hear it a lot as a kid. But The Umbrella Academy brought it back to me. And I’m so glad.

Full April playlist!


  1. Jade Bird by Jade Bird


Jade Bird is the human version of Woodstock and her self-titled debut is the album version. Check out my review for my more in-depth thoughts!

  1. LABRINTH, SIA, & DIPLO PRESENT… LSD by Labrinth, Sia, & Diplo


This album is a mishmash of styles that strangely works. LSD, indeed. Check out my review for my more in-depth thoughts!


  1. Jessie Reyez


I randomly got super into Jessie Reyez earlier this month. I love her sound, that vocal fry hitting the spot every time. My favorite songs by her are “F*** Being Friends,” “Figures,” “Body Count,” “Shutter Island,” and “Imported.” I can’t wait to see her at Firefly and need a full-length album, like, yesterday.

  1. Zolita


Let’s be real, she had me at gay alternative pop. My favorites of hers are “Like Heaven,” “Hurt Me Harder,” “Holy,” “Kill for You,” and “Black Magic.” She’s someone else I need a full LP from.

  1. Emotional Oranges


I don’t know why I like this R&B duo, I just do. The lead singers are a guy and girl, making for an interesting dynamic. My favorites of theirs are “Hold You Back” and “Someone Else.”

What music were you into in April? Give me some recommendations in the comments!

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