Going on Hiatus… Indefinitely

Hey, all! I’ve got an announcement to make. I’m going on an indefinite hiatus from blogging. Why? I’m just not enjoying it anymore. It’s also been affecting my enjoyment of reading. I feel like I have to think of things to say about a book for the blog, instead of blogging because I have things [...]

Mystery Blogger Award

I am super grateful and blown away to be nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by the lovely Becca from Words and Other Malarky! This award/tag was created by Okoto Enigma, a popular lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger. Rules Put the award logo/image on your blog. List the rules. Thank whoever nominated you and provide [...]

Blog Updates: Discontinued Memes, TVD Reread, and My Blogiversary!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I thought I’d take today to talk about some changes to my blog and future projects I’ve teased. This won’t be my most exciting post, but hopefully it’ll answer some questions and give you a good idea of the direction I’m taking my blog. Discontinued Memes If you’ve ever browsed my blog, [...]

My 2019 Goals

Everyone takes the turn of a new year as an opportunity to make resolutions, a chance to make a change. These changes are abandoned almost as quickly as they’re started. The concept of the “New Year’s Resolution” is an inside joke shared by all of humanity. We know we won’t take it seriously, but every [...]

Viva Las Vegas!

They say that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But they didn’t expect a girl with nothing going on her in life to walk the Strip. Besides, I came of age in the era of social media. Nothing is staying private for long. So it is with no qualms that I write this post. [...]

Cursed App?: A Review of the “Hogwarts Mystery” Game

You know how we all dreamed of going to Hogwarts? Well, earlier this year, our letters finally came! Er, sort of. They came in the form of a role-play game. Still, that’s more than we’ve gotten from previous games where we simply went on Harry’s journey. In this game, titled Hogwarts Mystery, you get to [...]

Popular Books I Hate

Some of my favorite videos to watch on BookTube are the rant videos about books people hate— especially when those books are super popular. There's something so cathartic about it, even when you're not the one ranting. I watched a couple more recently and decided to make my own post about it, albeit a written [...]

Recommending Standalones

I'm a big fan of series. I love joining characters on lengthy adventures and being in it for the long hall. But that doesn't mean I read series exclusively. On the contrary, I've read some fantastic standalones in my day. Today, I'd like to recommend a few of my all-time favorites. From fantasy to contemporary [...]