#BlackLivesMatter: How You Can Help

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By now, everyone knows what’s going on in America and across the world. Millions are protesting in cities and small towns for the lives of Black people. Millions of others are showing support in other ways.

If you haven’t been spending much time on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you may be unaware of the things you can do to help. I think that the best use of my blog right now would be to share some resources and ideas for how you can help the Black Lives Matter movement.

  1. Attend Protests

If you are able, please attend a protest in your area. If you are white, remember you are there in a support capacity. Lift up the voices of Black protestors and, if necessary, shield them from the police. As we’ve seen from footage protestors have shared, the police are a lot less likely to attack a white person than a Black person. Here is a graphicon ways to stay safe during a protest.

  1. Sign Petitions

There are many petitions on sites like change.org you can sign to demand justice for Black people who have been murdered by police and civilians. Here is a link to a Twitter thread with links to petitions.

  1. Donate to GoFundMes and/or Bail Funds

Whether you’re able to donate a little or a lot, there are many GoFundMes set up for Black people to help cover funeral costs, rent, or other bills. You can also donate to bail funds to help pay protestors’ bail. Here is a Twitter thread of links to GoFundMes and here is a master list of bail funds. If you can’t donate, you can watch this hour-long video and they will use the adsense to donate on your behalf.

  1. Be Vocal

Share videos of protests, boost Black voices, and speak out against racists. Make sure you spread the movement and speak out both online and in real life. Here is a great Medium article on how you can use your white privilege to help the cause.

  1. Educate Yourself and Others

There are many non-fiction books by Black authors and documentaries on Black history and the effects of white supremacy. Here are a few Twitter threads with great recommendations for books and documentaries. Here is a list of books, organizations, podcasts, and more that you should check out.

For more information on how you can help, here is a Carrd with links to several petitions, GoFundMes, and bail funds. I strongly advise you stay active on social media, so you can get updates on what is happening with the protests and, at minimum, find new petitions to sign. Until Black lives are treated with the same dignity afforded to white lives, we will not stop fighting. #BlackLivesMatter


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