Authors I *Probably* Won’t Read Again

I saw that Angelica of The Book Cover Girl did a post about this recently and thought it was a cool discussion post. We often talk about the authors we love, but what about the ones we’ve given up on? There are several authors I’m pretty sure I’m throwing in the towel on. I don’t [...]

Popular Books I Hate

Some of my favorite videos to watch on BookTube are the rant videos about books people hate— especially when those books are super popular. There's something so cathartic about it, even when you're not the one ranting. I watched a couple more recently and decided to make my own post about it, albeit a written [...]

July 2018 Wrap-Up

This month has easily been one of the best reading months I've had all year. I finally feel like I'm hitting my stride again. Not only did I read more than I have been, but the content was overall pretty good. It's enough to remember why I was once such a big reader— it's fun! [...]