Most Anticipated Fall & Winter Movies

When I first started this blog, the tagline was, “Books, Music, Movies, TV, and More!” You may have noticed that I’ve taken half of those things out of the current tagline. Why? Because I really don’t talk about movies and TV all that much on this blog. The other reason is because, well, I don’t [...]

Slytherin Greatness: A Character Profile on Han Solo & Leia Organa

Long time, no post. Well, at least when it comes to this meme. But today, you’re getting a twofer! Why? Because you won’t find a more powerful and iconic Slytherin duo than these two. Characters Han Solo & Leia Organa Source Star Wars Why Han Solo is a Slytherin You may look at Han and [...]

The Love Triangle Game

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a good old-fashioned game tag. This one was created by BookTuber Jesse the Reader. It’s not unlike the RIP It or Ship It Tag, in which you put a bunch or character names (from all walks of book) in a hat, jar, or some other kind of [...]